Brunch for weekends has been commonly practiced in households for years but the concept of eating out, specifically brunch on weekends, is comparatively new and trending. While breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for all the right reasons, here at Sesamo, a leading brunch restaurant in hell’s kitchen, we want to share a few benefits of having brunch with us, on weekends.


Pampering Yourself Is Important

This one has to top the list of benefits of ordering a brunch instead of making one. Even if you love working in the kitchen, there has to be one day of order where you choose to order food you love or are craving on that particular day. To make it very clear, by ordering food we do not mean ordering food at home but step out of your house, take yourself out on a date, and enjoy your company in an environment that is positive, different, and a little fancy. After a week of working your fingers to the bone, you deserve a break. And trust us, brunch is far better than getting drunk all night and waking up to a painful hangover.

Weekends Are for Sleeping a Little Longer

Weekdays are for strict routines and weekends are for sleeping a little longer. We didn’t make this rule but it is a very common practice. Your body needs rest and instead of messing up your schedule, it is better to have a slow weekend that allows you to stay in bed for longer than you normally would. After your beauty sleep, you can head straight to a brunch restaurant, we would suggest trying our brunch menu out. We are not exaggerating but a slow weekend can help you immensely, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. While a lot of people don’t realize, slowing down is important for your physical as well as mental health, and not to forget, slowing down can even promise you more success and clarity. Think about it.

Brunch Can be Healthier

You can make literally any meal healthy by choosing the right dish. The brunch menu offers you two menu options to choose from, with dishes that can be served in breakfast and lunch.

There is no doubt breakfast is an important meal of the day, cheating one day without sacrificing a lot on health is not going to make a huge difference. All you are doing is having breakfast a little late.

Moreover, for people who find it difficult to have a proper balanced meal first thing in the morning, this brunch can help you pack all the nutrients without forcing yourself to eat. You will eat more, better, and healthy food.

Brunch menu usually has several egg and vegetable-based options. It is highly nutritious and far better than pancakes, waffles, and red meat. But as a cheat meal, you can have all of that too. We highly recommend ordering Italian food as it is considered healthy and one of the most loved cuisines. After all, you are having two meals at one time. Treat yourself with whatever you feel like eating, it’s a weekend!

A Way to Relax and Gear up for Next Week

People don’t realize that working for eight hours a day for five days straight can be extremely tiring. And for people who are living alone, working in the office and then at home, the time of working stretches even further. It is really important to take some time out to relax. Sure, sleeping and staying in bed will help to some extent, but stepping out of your place, where you spend most of your time, will help you even better. When you stay in the same place repeatedly following the same routine, you don’t give your body and mind the time and environment to rejuvenate.

Going out to a new place, or your favorite restaurant, having brunch, and enjoying your own company can help you give yourself a break in a better way. And this will even help you prepare yourself for the following week.

It Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

A lot of people criticize the idea of eating out or don’t like spending money on something that they can cook at home but what they don’t consider is how much they truly love eating out. If you are one of those who like eating out but don’t like the idea of spending money, you need to realize that you are earning for a better lifestyle. Even if your main motive is to feed your family, you need to, once in a while, treat yourself because you deserve it.

As someone who works for money, you are responsible for spending and pampering yourself the right way. Your lifestyle, likings, and wishes matter the most. You may save a lot by not eating out but you are missing out on more than you are saving.

While we are certainly eating with us won’t hurt your wallet, we firmly believe spending a little more than you normally would not hurt much. The idea is to love yourself in every way possible and taking yourself out is just one way of practicing that.

Socializing Is Important As Well

If you are someone who spends most of their week in the office or on a laptop or phone, weekends should meantime for family and friends. There is no plan better than having brunch with your people and catching up on life other than work. We firmly believe brunch with friends is better than dinner as it allows you to spend some quality, slow time with them, discussing everything that is happening without getting distracted by loud music and drinks.

While we strongly believe dinner dates are the best, if you have been seeing your partner for quite some time or want to take things one step further, brunch sounds better than the regular dinner dates. This will allow you both to spend some time talking about serious stuff rather than being formal over a glass or two of wine.