Start Your Day With a Perfect Brunch

No more wondering about your afternoon plans in NYC. Treat yourself with an indulgent meal and a few drinks at Sesamo – the best brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.

Treat Your Palate

Reimagining Fusion Food in NYC

Planning a breezy brunch with your friends, family or colleagues? Sesamo is the perfect place for you. The culinary team understands the essence of a delightful brunch and presents you a menu that’s light yet perfectly satisfying. With the help of our award-winning chef Sandy, you are not just settling for any weekend brunch. But, an experience that gives you a taste of two cultures and their characteristic flavors and aromas. Along with the freshness of Italian cuisines, you are also introduced to the richness of Asian food. This fusion is what makes us the best brunch restaurant in NYC.

Ambience You’ll Love

Comfortable Spots for Endless Chit Chats

Incessant chats complete the spirit of a good brunch. Sesamo gives you a perfect spot in Hell’s Kitchen to carry on with your discussions over a cup of coffee or a hearty plate of creamy eggs benedict. Whether you like to bask in the sun or enjoy a cozy and private feeling, we have a perfect table for you. Choose between our outdoor or indoor dining space and get the perfect ambience to match your good mood and vibes.


There is no way a brunch can go wrong. A few of your classic brunch dishes and a few glasses of your favorite drink always hits the right notes. But, if it’s your first time at Sesamo, we have a few recommendations that will keep you coming back for more.

Hold your breath for the champion of all brunches - French toast. It involves a fairly simple recipe that requires precision and our chefs have mastered it over the years. It’s a simple bread and egg recipe but we have managed to make it extra special. Our french toast can easily pass as one of the best ones in NYC. But, you can decide for yourself. Along with a crispy, golden outer layer, you get the added sweet flavor of apple jam, a hint of savoriness of brown butter and a generous drizzle of honey syrup.

A brunch menu without carbonara is incomplete. The culinary team at Sesamo brings you a wonderful rendition of the classic carbonara. Along with a creamy, rich sauce, you get the strong flavor of smoked and cured mackerel with every bite. And if that’s not enough, you can also get yourself a side of eggs cooked just the way you like it. A hearty meal that fills your heart and your bellies. We can help you pair this with just the right wine to make the overall experience even better for you.

A brunch menu is not about experimentation.It’s about presenting the classic dishes and enhancing the experience while keeping the familiarity intact. Our eggs benedict fit this definition perfectly. Along with keeping its basic flavor alive, our chefs use certain surprise elements to make it better. Give in to the perfectly toasted English muffins that are topped with flawlessly poached eggs and a beautifully cut slice of Norwegian smoked salmon or Canadian bacon (whichever option suits you best). And let’s not forget the incredibly rich Hollandaise sauce that brings it all together.

Begin your brunch talks by clinking your glasses of Mimosa at Sesamo because no brunch is complete without it. Our customers love it and with good reason. Our mimosas are made with just two simple ingredients - fresh orange juice and sparkling wine. And we bet you will love it. Because unlike the watered down versions you may have had before, we put in the effort to make it perfect. From squeezing an orange to it’s last drop to meticulously following a set ratio for ideal sweet-tart balance, it is a delight you don’t want to miss. This perfect combination is what makes even your basic eggs and bacon celebratory.

If your idea of brunch is good food and vodka, a glass of Bloody Mary will never disappoint. This famous brunch cocktail has everything you need to destress and detox from a week of complete exhaustion. From the sweet-citrusy flavor of tomato juice and lemon, the spiciness of Worcestershire sauce to the zing of wasabi and ginger, it’s a perfect pick-me-up drink. Since the main ingredients of bloody mary are tomato juice and vodka, it is nourishing but also perfect for lazy afternoon brunches. Every place has a different recipe, but when you are at Sesamo, you’ll get why we are called the best brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.


Got Questions About the Best Brunch Restaurant in NYC?

Sesamo operates from 12PM to 4PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 5PM to 11PM on Monday and Sunday, and 12PM to 4PM on Saturday and Sunday. You can call us on 212 265 2755 to inquire if your schedule matches our timings and make your reservations for lunch, dinner or brunch accordingly.

At Sesamo, we are more inclined to offer a quality experience to each and every guest. We generally do not offer any group discounts. Although, we may have limited time offers and discounts on special occasions. In that case, our guests will be informed when making reservations. You can also stay updated about our offers and discounts by following us on our social medical platforms.

You receive your order as soon as it is ready to make sure that your meal is warm and flavorful. Our culinary team makes sure that there’s minimum wait time between you placing your order and receiving it. Our team distributes responsibilities amongst themselves to avoid any kind of delay. So, if you are at Sesamo, you can rest assured to enjoy a hospitable atmosphere and fast serving. You can always enjoy our collection of wine until you wait for your meal to arrive.

Some of the best items on Sesamo’s brunch menu are French toast, eggs benedict, caesar salad and steak. And let’s not forget the bottomless mimosas, bloody mary, sangria and proseccos that complete your meal.

Best of Fusion Food

Drawing Inspiration From the Best

Our purpose has always been to bring together a great Italian-Asian food experience while not completely taking our customers away from their home, which is New York. Our brunch menu is thoughtfully curated keeping this in mind. So, you will be able to read some familiar names on the menu but at the same time taste a slightly different and even better version of your favorite brunch item.

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A Brunch Waiting to Happen

When was having brunch a bad idea? Never. This time, make it happen in the best brunch restaurant in NYC and see your friends and family thank you for it. Walk in at Sesamo or make a reservation to book a table perfect for your preferences. We can assure you a memorable experience with the perfect combination of hospitality, food, ambience and drinks.