Experience the Best of Both Worlds With Sesamo

If Italian Asian fusion food is your calling, head to the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and experience Sesamo. A restaurant made to fill your bellies and your heart with a feeling of complete satisfaction. Our motive is to keep in touch with our Italian and Asian roots and transform it into fusion culinary delights that are lip-smacking good.

Seasonal and Sustainable Ingredients

We master the art of balancing consistency of flavor while resonating with the vibes of the season. Our seasonally inspired food uses fresh, seasonal ingredients to highlight every flavor and aroma.

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Chef Driven Menu

Every dish in the menu is a result of the innovation and hard work of our experienced culinary team. Now joined by award-winning Chef Sandy, you are in for a treat. Every aspect of our brunch and dinner menu is a vision turned into reality. Dine in at Sesamo and get a little bit of everything. From Italian freshness to rich Asian flavors, our chefs have a way of creating a perfect harmony of traditions on your plate.


Treat Yourself to Good Wine

Good food needs a good glass of wine. We’ve collected fine wine from all over to match our Italian Asian Fusion flavor. Enhance your flavorful journey with every sip.

Experience That Shows

With over 30 years of experience in hospitality, Sesamo has been able to stand the tests of time and make a name as a restaurant that excels in every aspect.

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Italian Food

Italian Asian Fusion Fare To Remember

We have curated an Italian Asian fusion fare all while keeping the essence of what we are best known for intact. With the help of Chef Sandy, all our dishes are authentically Italian in nature but at the same time, they have an Asian feel to them. So, whether it is a romantic dinner, a brunch, lunch with friends, or just you alone, you can be sure that you will enjoy yourself at Sesamo.

Italian Asian Fusion

Celebrating New York Through Food

There is no doubt that New York is the melting pot of different cultures and keeping that in mind we have designed a menu that celebrates the union of two. We are an Italian Asian Fusion restaurant that uses fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from in and around the city to help create a meal that you would remember for a long time.