Food For The Soul

Dine At Italian Asian Fusion Restaurant

Sesamo is your new improved Crispins. We have kept everything that you enjoyed about our previous incarnation while elevating the menu with the help of Chef Sandy. Sesamo aims to deliver the best fusion food. Our premise is simple- we use local fresh ingredients to decide upon the menu which changes as per the season. So, if you are looking for a memorable experience that moves beyond the realm of just great food, you know you can come to us.

Our Cuisine

Our menu has been crafted by award-winning Chef Sandy. You can look forward to seeing a lineup of unique Italian Asian fusion dishes on the menu.

What You Get

A complete experience. That is our simple promise to you. Whether it is a special occasion, or you looking to unwind, or a fun brunch with friends, We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience. If you are looking for just a great food experience, we cater to that as well with our ever-revolving menu that changes seasonally.

Experience A New Twist On Italian Cuisine.

Chef Sandy’s cuisine is designed to provide you with the traditional comfort of Italian food while infusing the essence of Asia to create a perfect symphony of flavours. We achieve this through the ingredients – genuine, pure, and fresh ingredients. We reflect the cultural melting pot that is New York. Located in the historic Hell’s Kitchen, Sesamo represents the complexity and synthesis of Manhattan, through Italian Asian Fusion food. in addition to our superb cuisine, our guests can experience a wide selection of wines and cocktails.