Have a Great Brunch in The Open Or a Meal Under the Stars

Begin your day with a brunch on the sunny sidewalk and transition into a dinner under the stars, at Sesamo. Just make your way to the corner of 10th Avenue and 52nd street and experience the best outdoor dining in NYC. At Sesamo, we believe in not only providing people with a great meal but rather a wholesome experience. One where you get exceptional service, delicious food, a beautiful setting, and a little music in the background. So, whether it is to enjoy quality time with your family, chill with your friends, or have a romantic date with your significant other make your way to Sesamo.

Enjoy a New Cuisine

We have been your go-to place to enjoy classic Italian flavors. Keeping that in mind we have curated an all-new experience for you to enjoy.

The Chef

Our kitchen is helmed by award winning Chef Sandy, who crafts an interesting amalgamation of Italian and Asian flavors through the menu.

Our Cuisine

We offer an intimate dining experience with dishes crafter using local, seasonal produce, all while keeping the Italian essence intact.

Enjoy Summer Afternoons in The Sun

Soak in the sun by having brunch at the corner of 10th Avenue and 52nd street, we will ensure you leave mesmerized.

Outdoor Dining in New York

New York City stops for no one. The city has everything but time. With so much hush and bush, we forget to enjoy the eccentricity and beauty of what is New York City. Take out some time from your busy life and head to Sesamo.

Experience Italian Cuisine- Elevated !


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Understanding Our Menu

Along with keeping the hygiene standards high, we also cook with finesse. Our kitchen is as clean as our dining area and we make sure to serve the best quality food to our guests. Our food is cooked with fresh seasonal produce by professional chefs who have years of experience working for big restaurants. They cook food with utmost love and care. Sesamo was established to provide the people of New York City and tourists with scrumptious Italian food like no other.

Italians love their salads and considering the number of variations that exist in Italy, they love them a lot. Made with fresh local ingredients there are three broad categories in which salads are divided. The first is the Insalata Verde(green salad with lettuce,), Insalata Mista(lettuce, carrots, tomato, fennel), and the family size Insalatone (big salads full of seafood, fresh cheese, meats, nuts, and fruits). Some of our favorites include the in-house Caesar Salad, Misticanza, Bresaola, and Barbabietola. Out of these if you ask me Bresaola is one you should miss out on. It is low fat and low carb indulgence that you will never feel guilty about.

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The Italians are a fantastic example of sustainable eating and you will time and again see them incorporating produce from both the land and the sea in their food. Most of the dishes that you will see on the menu are items for which the ingredients can be locally sourced. Everything is made from scratch, so you can be assured that there are no artificial ingredients involved. For the main course, you can pick between the land or the sea. Some of our bestsellers include Costata Di Manzo, Pollo Parmigiana, Pollo Al Milanesa, Branzino, Polpo, and Braciola.

Now one might think that they do not require any additions as the main dishes seem pretty hearty on their own. But just like a glass of fine wine, a side dish or two never hurt anyone. Most of the Primi and second courses don’t come with any sides, so the transformation from a dish to a meal has been left in your hands. We recommend choosing anywhere from 2-4 side dishes. Favorites include Truffle french fries, roasted rosemary potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli, spinach, and broccoli rabe.


Sesamo is open on all days. We serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Lunch from Wednesday to Friday and dinner from Monday to Sunday. We also have a fully functional bar and wine list.

Rather than offering discounts, we believe in providing every guest with the best-in-class service and experience. There are certain occasions on which we do run discount offers, we make sure that we inform our guests of the same. To enquire about them you can always give us a call or follow us on social media.

We make sure that our guests receive the order as soon as it is cooked. Our team ensures that there is a minimum delay between placing the order and serving it. We do not compromise on the quality of the food in any circumstance. The dining experience we offer fills the gap between placing and receiving the order. So, come for the experience and we will make sure you get the best quality food without any delay and an experience you can remember for a long time.

Have a Safe Experience

Enjoy Dining Outside

We do have seating inside but keeping in mind the latest set of guidelines taken out by the FDA, we encourage everyone to avail of our outdoor sitting facilities. There is something to be said about grabbing dinner under the stars of brunch under the Sunday sun. The point is that the outdoors can often act as a perfect addition to the ambiance for your meal. On the culinary end, you have our wonderful, aromatic dishes gracing your table. All menu changes based on the season and we are very attuned with what is locally available in the market. New York is a melting pot of different cultures and our food is the perfect addition to that. All our dishes are authentically Italian in nature but at the same time, they have a New York feel to them. Our aim is simple - we have a couple of fresh, handmade pasta dishes along with delicious sauces and healthy proteins to help elevate your food. The portions are hearty and you will never feel dissatisfied with our food. We bring together great food, drinks, and ambiance together for you.

Enjoy a Curated Menu

Have a Safe Outdoor Dining Experience In New York

We are a relaxed restaurant located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, so it will be pretty tough for you to miss us, We believe in hospitality, integrity, and honesty, keeping this in mind nothing synthetic ever touches your food. All our combinations use the freshest of ingredients and are essentially simple in nature. All our staff is temperature checked before they even come in contact with you. Our outdoor seats are placed at least 6 feet apart. If you still feel that you don’t want to dine in we understand. For this reason, we also have a great take out menu. So, if your house is where you want to enjoy our fine Italian cuisine, you can do that too. On our end we have mitigated every risk that we can think of, The rest is of course up to you,