With states lifting restrictions for restaurants, more people are returning to restaurant dining with their loved ones.

But, wait! The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet. The virus isn’t on the leave. So there are many cautions about restaurant dining.

The good news is—there are many ways to keep yourself safe while enjoying your favorite foods at a local Italian outdoor dining restaurant. Read on to learn more.

Before Visiting The Restaurant

Before you visit any local restaurant, make sure you do your homework. Check websites of local health officials for the latest regulations regarding restaurant opening, capacity, etc. Moreover, spend some time online to see if the coronavirus cases are increasing in your region.

After you decide to eat out, next is choosing a reputable restaurant that adheres to the guidelines set by the local officials. You can check the restaurant’s site to see if they are following the safety measures. What’s more? You can call them to learn about the key measures they are doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among their visitors and staff.

At Crispin’s Restaurant, we care for our visitors and staff, and are following all the COVID-19 safety measures. We sanitize tables and high-traffic areas to ensure safety of everyone.

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Don’t Forget to Wear The Safety Mask

The coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, which are transferred from an infected person to healthy people through sneezing, coughing, etc. Wearing a safety mask can protect you from individuals sneezing or coughing around you.

Medical experts recommend wearing a mask when less than 6 feet apart from other individuals.

So, before leaving your home, wear your mask properly. Keep it on while you are in your car, before getting off it and on the way to the restaurant. Also, you should call the restaurant ahead confirming their employees wear safety masks all the time.

Even, after entering the restaurant, you should keep the mask on. You can remove it while eating meals. Remember, you should be at least 6 feet away from others dining in the restaurant.

Avoid Touching Objects & Shared Spaces

This is important. After you enter the restaurant, avoid touching any objects. Because chances are you will carry the virus from there and get infected.

Additionally, you should maintain space between other guests and yourself. In case you meet a friend or colleague there, say hi from a distance. Avoid hugging and shouting. Make sure your table is at least 6 feet apart from other tables.

Always wear the mask when not seated. Also, you should keep it on while walking to your table. And, avoid sitting in shared tables. Most importantly, ensure the tables and chairs are properly sanitized. In fact, you should ask them regarding this at the time of doing reservations.

Wash Your Hands

Truly, wearing a mask, avoiding touching your face, nose, objects, etc. will help you stay protected from the coronavirus. But, practicing hand hygiene is also important. This way, you may kill the viruses, which are sitting on your hands and ready to get transferred to the body.

The CDC recommends that we should wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, you can use a hand sanitizer in case the soap and water aren’t available. Always use alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol. So, check the label before purchasing the sanitizer.

Key times to wash your hands are-

  • Before & after eating meals
  • After using toilet
  • After touching your mask
  • After touching your eyes, mouth or nose
  • After touching objects that are frequently touched by people, such as door knobs, tables, electronic devices, etc.

Check Air Quality

Air pollution causes asthma, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and various other severe health issues. According to the new study, breathing in more polluted air can worsen the effects of the coronavirus.

So, make sure the restaurant has a large outdoor dining area with plenty of air flow. Poorly maintained areas can increase the risks of the coronavirus.

Before going out, make sure you check the weather apps for emergency alerts or warnings. Medical experts suggest people to wear N95 masks if the air quality is very unhealthy. These masks are helpful in filtering harmful air pollutants.

Prefer Online Payment Methods

In the age of social distancing, medical experts are suggesting people to prefer contactless payment options. It helps them to stay protected from the coronavirus because there’s little to no human contact.

So, it’s important to seek out restaurants that are accepting touchless payment options. Pay for your meals by credit or debit card. Avoid credit card machines or cash, because they might be loaded with viruses.

You can find a wide range of mobile apps for online payment. In fact, many apps are offering cashbacks and exciting offers for paying restaurant bills. Do some research and find the best deals.

Book Your Table Ahead. Avoid Waiting

Since restaurants are reopening, people are going out to enjoy their favorite cuisines. However, there are still some restrictions on restaurant capacity. So, chances are you may get surprised by long waits.

To have stress-free Italian outdoor dining experience, book your table ahead. Plan as far in advance as possible to get the time you want. However, you can make a restaurant reservation at least a week in advance. Some restaurants want visitors to book tables even earlier. It’s good to call them a day before for confirming the reservation. This way, you can get a chance to clear your queries, make special requests, etc.

Always reach the restaurant five minutes before your reservation. In case you are running late, call the restaurant ahead so that they don’t give your table to someone else.

Sesamo is a top Italian outdoor dining restaurant located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. We are known for authentic Italian cuisines and a wide selection of wines and cocktails. Make a reservation today to avoid hassle-free dining experience. For any questions, call us at 212 265 2755.