Just thinking about pasta and pizza can make me hungry. Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the entire world.

There are different ingredients, sauces, and methods that are used to make Italian food. While many of us want to enjoy this cuisine, it is not always easy to replicate.

I have seen many of my friends in New York trying to make traditional Italian dishes on their own at home, but failing to create that magic. That’s why I prefer to order from the best Italian takeout hell’s kitchen.

Italian cuisine is very special because of its simplicity. While making these dishes, the main focus is on the quality and freshness of the food, and the seasonal ingredients used.

If you want to try some amazing and authentic Italian dishes in New York City, here are some suggestions for you. Order these dishes from the best Italian takeout NYC.

These dishes are delicious but are hard to replicate at home. So, it is always better to order them from the best Italian takeout hell’s kitchen.

Dishes You Should Order From The Best Italian Takeout Hell’s Kitchen

  • Ragu Alla Bolognese
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Lasagne
  • Risotto
  • Arancini

Dish 1. Ragu Alla Bolognese

If you are looking for an authentic Italian dish, order Ragu alla bolognese. While it is similar to spaghetti Bolognaise, both the dishes are different from each other in some ways.

Ragu alla bolognese always comes with fresh egg tagliatelle and not with dried spaghetti. This helps in holding the heavy meat sauce better.

In addition to this, spaghetti bolognese uses oregano and basil or garlic, which Ragu alla bolognese does not.

This dish dates back to the 1400s and didn’t have too much tomato sauce. Even today, Ragu alla bolognese has less of the tomato sauce, and you should get the taste of meat more.

Ragu alla bolognese uses a meat-based sauce. This is made with ground meat, stock and milk, tomatoes, celery and carrot (finely chopped), and red wine. However, every restaurant has its own style of making this sauce. So, you can find some variations in these ingredients.

Dish 2. Spaghetti Carbonara

This is one of the most popular Italian dishes. And you should definitely order it from the best Italian takeout hell’s kitchen.

Spaghetti carbonara is loved by a lot of people across the world, thanks to its ingredients and simplicity.

This is a classic spaghetti dish associated with Italian cuisine. It originated (reportedly) in Rome and is made with egg, cheese, spaghetti, guanciale, and black pepper.

Now, the biggest reason why I recommend you to order it from the best Italian takeout NYC and not to make it by yourself is that you can very easily go wrong with ingredients.

Misusing ingredients will ruin the authenticity of this delicious dish. For example, eggs used in this dish should not be overcooked.

So, order this delicious dish from an authentic Italian restaurant to have the best experience eating it.

Dish 3. Lasagne

Lasagne is another extremely popular traditional Italian dish that has seen many adaptations across the world.

While the origin of this dish is kind of debatable, some believe it originated from the city of Naples, others believe it originated from Emilia-Romagna.

Lasagne pasta sheets are used to make this dish, which is layered with ground meat, vegetables, cheese, and various sauces (like Ragu). The pasta sheets are baked while making this delicious dish.

Typically, lasagne is made without tomatoes. This is a dish you must order from the best Italian takeout hell’s kitchen if you are a fan of true Italian cuisine.

Dish 4. Risotto

Italian cuisine does not include many rice dishes, but risotto brings a unique taste to this cuisine. It is a major part of traditional Italian cuisine that originated in Northern Italy.

Risotto is an Italian rice dish that is creamy and is made with wine, butter, onion, and saffron. Some Italian restaurants may even add cuttlefish, mushroom, bacon, shrimp, peas, or chorizo in risotto.

Dish 5. Arancini

I just love this crisp and golden brown Italian snack. Arancini are basically the stuffed rice balls and are filled with tomato sauce, peas, ragu, and mozzarella.

A dusting of crunchy breadcrumbs and flour is coated on these rice balls and then they are fried. You can find arancini with different fillings and in different shapes.

Some of the famous variations of arancini may include –

  • Arancini con ragu
  • Arancini con melanzane
  • Arancini con pistacchi
  • Arancini con funghi
  • Arancini con burro

Out of all these variations, arancini con ragu is the most popular type of this Italian snack.


These are some of the best Italian foods that you can order from the best Italian takeout in Hell’s Kitchen. While many people attempt to make these dishes by themselves, it is hard to get the same authenticity and flavor that you get from an authentic Italian restaurant.