Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Pasta, spaghetti, polpetti, stinco, and well, the list is endless. With these delectable options, it’s hard to ignore. It’s good to find the best Italian takeout in Hell’s Kitchen that provides authentic food. This might seem easy but it’s not because there are many fake restaurants around. Well, if you are looking for some good Italian food, use these tips to find the best restaurant for yourself.

Do some research

Before heading out to the restaurant, it’s a good idea to conduct some research. You can take references from your friends or family. They might have been to a good restaurant. So, they can offer valuable suggestions. Along with this, you can search on Google to find the relevant options in your area. If you’re active on social media, you can go through the restaurant’s page and check what people have to say about their food and services. This gives you a glimpse into their culinary expertise. Remember that reviews are a good way to get the overall idea of the place. For that, do check on genuine websites like Yelp.

Check if the restaurant is authentic

Italian food is available around the world. With such a huge hype, the cuisine often blends with regional cuisines to adjust it according to the preference and taste of the locals. Well, Italian food carries a unique taste that is hard to match. If you are planning to eat something Italian, it should be authentic. Beware of restaurants that offer food at a cheap price. Chances are that it’s not the real thing. Classic Italian restaurants might be expensive and they are absolutely worth it. A good way to ensure this is by checking if they house an Italian chef. One can’t really mess with food if they belong to the original place. It’s worth noting that Italian food is primarily about simplicity and quality. The cuisine is largely seasonal. Most dishes don’t have heavy ingredients and not everything is smothered in sauce. Another misconception is that Italian food is mostly about cheese. No, it’s not! Cheese, butter, and garlic are used in moderation depending on the dish. So, use these factors to analyze any restaurant that claims to be Italian.

Don’t get lured in

Each restaurant uses its own strategy to lure customers. Well, there are some pointers that give an instant signal that a place is not worth the shot. Is the host being extra nice to you? Do they have a welcome drink on-board? This just means that you need to keep walking and look for something else. Most good restaurants are full of people and it’s hard to get a table. You might have to wait until your turn comes. Plus, you will most likely see Italian people at a place that offers authentic Italian food. So, don’t just go by what the restaurant says. Analyze and then take a decision.

The ambiance should be good

Going to a restaurant is not just about food. Ambiance matters a lot. Most popular restaurants not only offer quality food but also unmatched ambiance. Even before you get to taste the food, the ambiance is something that catches your attention. A good restaurant would want its customers to have a soothing experience while having delicious food. You wouldn’t want to stay at a place where the surroundings are average no matter how good the food is. So, do check if the restaurant offers a relaxing vibe that is suited to give you the peace of mind to eat.

Pizza at lunch? It’s a straight NO!

Italians are very specific about their food. It’s not hard to notice that certain foods are available only during a specific season. The same goes for Italian cuisine. Italians don’t really serve pizza for lunch. So, if a particular restaurant is offering the same on the menu, it’s probably not authentic. They are probably catering to tourists and the menu is specifically designed considering their needs.

The menu should be entirely Italian

One of the hallmarks of an authentic Italian restaurant is that they serve only traditional Italian food. You won’t find ‘Fish and Chips’ or ‘ Hamburger’ on their menu. If a restaurant claims to be Italian and offers other cuisines too, it’s probably not authentic. So, keep an eye on the menu. It should primarily be designed for Italian nationals and not for tourists. Plus, as mentioned before, Italian cuisine is all about using seasonal ingredients. This means the menu keeps changing depending on the season.

Pictures on the menu? It’s not a real thing

Why would a restaurant use pictures on the menu, if they are confident of their preparation? As you would have guessed, it’s just a way to lure customers and make them place an order. No reputed restaurant would do that and if you are not aware of this, you might fall into this trap. So, if you notice pictures on the menu, it’s a red signal to look for a new restaurant.

The service matters a lot

When you go to a restaurant, there are a lot of things that matter. A good restaurant would have compassionate staff, a clear and defined menu, great food, short waiting time, and a good ambiance. All these factors combine to offer an experience that stays with you forever. If you like the services, you are likely to recommend it to others. If the restaurant is good, they invest heavily in making the customers’ satisfaction their priority. They will treat you like their family. So, do pay attention to how the restaurant treats you.

Do they offer take out?

The restaurants have evolved over time. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King are famous because they have covered every aspect of what the customers need. For instance, if you want a burger and don’t have the time to park your car and munch in the restaurant, take out is the best option for you. It’s convenient and quick. A lot of Italian restaurants are doing the same to make it easier for people. So, do check if a particular restaurant offers take-out. It’s just a way to know that they care for their customers and want to provide quality food at convenience.

If you use these tips, you can easily find the best Italian takeout at Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a good idea to check the restaurant’s website in advance to get an idea about their offerings. If they offer online delivery, try ordering it before you visit the place to check the quality of their food. For a good restaurant, it makes no difference whether you order at home or visit their restaurant. They will offer quality food regardless of what you choose. Do read about Italian cuisine before you pay a visit to the restaurant. It will just help you in making a better choice.