There’s no doubt that dining out with your loved ones helps you boost your mental health. Sharing your favorite foods with your loved ones actually reduces levels of cortisol and increases happy chemicals in the body.

Originated last year, the corona virus has affected our lives badly. We were forced to stay inside for a couple of months. Now, the government is lifting restrictions and allowing restaurants to resume their outdoor dining operations.

However, many are still curious about whether outdoor dining in Hell’s Kitchen is safe now? What are some tips you should follow when dining out during this hard time? Let’s discuss.

Is Eating Outdoors Safe Now?

Researchers have confirmed that eating in a restaurant is linked to higher risks than visiting a grocery store. According to a recent study by the CDC, the coronavirus patients are twice as likely to have dined out or visited a restaurant.

How can you get infected with the coronavirus from the restaurant? There can be various ways. When you are not wearing a safety mask and exposed to respiratory droplets of an infected person, you are likely to catch the virus. If the servers or chefs aren’t wearing masks while doing their jobs, chances are more that you will get infected.

Some studies have found that the coronavirus stays on surfaces for hours, thus it can easily latch on the body.

However, eating outdoors may be safe when the restaurants take all the coronavirus safety precautions. In fact, most restaurants and cafes have updated their menus by adding more immunity-boosting items.

Some health experts say that eating outdoors can be safer than eating indoors due to improved air circulation and scattered seating.

However before you select the restaurant to dine out, make sure you have a discussion with them regarding the COVID-19 safety.

Outdoor Dining Hell’s Kitchen Tips You Should Follow

Wear a Face Mask

We all know that wearing a safety mask can help you stop the coronavirus from entering your body. The CDC recommends fabric masks for the public. They say that people who haven’t fully vaccinated should wear face masks in both indoor and outdoor places where there are high risks of the coronavirus.

Until you occupy the seat, keep the mask on. Remember there will be many others dining around you, wearing a face mask can help you ensure your and their safety from the virus.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes, Mouth & Nose

Wearing a safety mask isn’t alone sufficient to ensure complete protection against the coronavirus. You need to take care of other precautions such as cleaning your hands and physical distancing.

After getting seated at the restaurant, clean your hands before removing the mask. And, avoid touching your face.

Carry a Sanitizer

Soap and water isn’t available everywhere, thus using a sanitizer frequently is the best way to disinfect your hands. It’s good to carry a hand sanitizer with you before leaving your home. Also, you should keep lotion handy because cracks in the skin can increase the risks.

However, you can talk to your restaurant if you need to carry your own sanitizer. This is because many restaurants have sanitizers for the visitors. Still, there’s no risk carrying one with you.

Take Care of Physical Distancing

No doubt physical distancing limits the spread of the coronavirus. This means, you need to maintain at least 1 meter distance from others around.

Since you are visiting a place where there will be several people, you need to ensure your protection against the virus. Avoid making close contact with anyone and maintain a safe distance.

Also, you should ensure that tables at the restaurants are socially distanced. Avoid sitting on tables with individuals you don’t live with. Some restaurants are now using transparent screens to separate tables to reduce the risks of spreading the coronavirus.

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Be Kind

The coronavirus has greatly impacted the lives of everyone around. Some studies show that the pandemic has left many with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

Your dining out experience can be amazing if everyone is supportive. The same is true with others. So, be kind to others. Everyone is going through a hard time and you should do your best to help others dealing with the situation.

As restaurants and other businesses are reopening, we must continue to make our contribution to keep everyone around us healthy and safe.

How to Find The Best Outdoor Dining Restaurant?

There’s a wide range of restaurants providing outdoor dining services in Hell’s Kitchen open now. However, you should do comprehensive research online to find the best one. These tips will surely help you choose the right restaurant-

  • Check reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites
  • Visit websites of different restaurants and check their services, prices, etc.
  • Visit social media platforms of different restaurants to have an idea about the environment, foods, etc.
  • Ask for recommendations from your loved ones

Crispin’s Restaurant is the best restaurant for outdoor dining in Hell’s Kitchen. Operating for many years, we provide a wide range of authentic Italian dishes. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are following all the safety precautions set by the government. At our restaurant, all our tables are socially distanced and we disinfect all chairs, tables and high-traffic areas regularly. To have an amazing dine in experience, book a table today.