If there is one thing that we like to do on the weekends, it is to sleep in until noon. As per a recent study published in the Journal Sleep, sleeping in on a Sunday or Saturday once in a while, is actually considered to be a good thing. So on those days when you’re in bed until 12 PM cooking is the last thing on your mind.

This is why the aspect of a Sunday or weekend brunch has become so popular the world over but especially in a city like New York. To then find the best brunch restaurant NYC for a good start to your weekend becomes a matter of legit concern. We at Sesamo welcome you to our Italian Asian fusion cuisine restaurant for a memorable brunch. With our special menu featuring the best of Italian dishes, you can enjoy your most wonderful Sunday brunching experience.


Sleep in and Still Never Be Late for Your Date

Is sleeping in and getting late for your breakfast date a common habit of yours? Well, don’t you worry? You can arrange for an amazing breakfast cum lunch date over the weekend and never be late to it. Book a table at Sesamo and walk-in anytime between 12 PM to 4 PM and order your preferred dish from our extensive brunch menu.

Spend some quality time with your partner while the New York sun shines bright. Exchange smiles and heartfelt feelings with the best food and booze to accompany it.

Start Your Sunday on a Happy Note

Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen; Sesamo, formerly known as Crispin’s, aims at delivering the best of the best for their customers. You can walk in on a Sunday (or a Saturday) to begin your day with the classic French Toast, the delicious Brown Butter Apple Jam, and just the right amount of Honey syrup.

The first meal of the day is undoubtedly the most important and on a Sunday it becomes a way of truly experiencing the luxuries of life. Which then makes the task of serving you with something richer than live the utmost responsibility of our dear Chef Sandy. Let us whip up the tastiest dishes for you to start your day on a sweet or savory note.

Meet Up With Your Friends & Family

Catching up with your friends is another activity that can be combined with good food for the most delightful Sunday brunch experience. Imagine partying out till the wee hours of Saturday morning and then coming in with your friends to find a delicious Carbonara served hot to you. In fact, you also have the option to choose any of the other mouth-watering dishes featured in the Brunch Menu of our restaurant to completely wipe away the hangover from throwing back one too many shots on the previous night. Have your personal gossip session or chat about the latest celebrity scandal, overall enjoy an exciting social interaction after a hectic week at work.

It is also a good day to have your family outings. Skip cooking breakfast for your kids at home and visit us for a happy family brunch. Let the kids order what they want, each dish is prepared with the best of herbs, spices, and meat to provide nutrition but with a fun element to keep the weekend spirit up.

Expand Your Brunch Palette 

Repeatedly having an espresso or the good old cheerios for breakfast is something that we’re all long over. It might be okay to consume a boring breakfast like this on a weekday but for the weekends we wish to explore more. As a result of which we visit exotic restaurants to expand our palette and come across flavors, we haven’t before.

Sesamo is an Italian Asian fusion restaurant which is evidence enough of the experimentation that takes place inside the kitchen here. The genius Chef Sandy has managed to retain the original flavors and aromas of Italian dishes and has introduced his own Asian twist to them. If you then wish to have a rather experimental brunch experience, you make your way through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and walk through the doors of Sesamo.

Drink at Leisure for a Bottomless Brunch

Our weekends are always boozy, if you want yours to be the same, drop by this weekend. Pick the drink of our choice from our wide collection. Order a bottle of Mimosa, Bellini, Prosecco, Red Sangria, White Sangria, Rose Sangria or everyone’s favorite Bloody Mary.

You have ample choice to choose your poison in the form of a glass of classical wine or a cocktail to go along with your dish of choice. A bottomless brunch lasts for a good two hours at Sesamo. Find the comfort that only a good drink can offer you while you consume the most appetizing Italian food you would have ever come across in NYC and that too at the most affordable rates!

Pop in This Weekend

So what are you exactly waiting for? Visit the best brunch restaurant in NYC, for the finest weekend eating. Remember that the timing of the weekend brunch is from 12 PM to up to 4 PM. So make sure to reach us during these timings to revel in the complete Sunday Italian brunch experience.