Times Square, New York, is considered one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. With its bright lights and towering skyscrapers, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to this iconic location.

If you’re going to the big apple, add Times Square to your list of places to visit!

This article will showcase some of the best restaurants in Times Square. If you’re looking for a simple, quick meal or an upscale dining experience, you’ll find something that suits your taste here. Start reading and start planning your New York City vacation today!

The Story Behind Times Square

When you explore Times Square, it’s worth taking a few moments to appreciate the history of this iconic location. It was originally called Longacre Square in the 1800s when it served as a fashionable residential neighborhood. Its name changed to Times Square in 1904, right after The New York Times moved its headquarters there and installed its famous electric billboards.

Today, the giant neon signs and video screens make Times Square one of the most recognizable locations in the world. It’s also home to several popular restaurants, giving you a lot of options when it comes to dining.

Must Try Restaurants Near Times Square:

Without further ado, here are some must-try restaurants around Times Square.


Just a short walk, bike ride, or cab to SESAMO Italian Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen and you can be enjoying some of the best Italian cuisine with Asian influence that NYC has to offer. They have a menu that changes seasonally while also retaining some of the local favorites. Brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, happy hour, craft cocktails and one of the best wine bars in NYC.

They honestly have something for everyone to enjoy and can also accommodate big parties. If you’re in Times Square and want to try something new, you won’t be disappointed at SESAMO.


Gallagher’s Steak House

Gallagher’s Steak House is the place to go if you’re in the mood for steak. Step into the future with a trip to the past at Gallagher’s, one of the best steakhouses in NYC, built since 1927. With its large windows overlooking richly aged meats and classic Manhattan design, it is truly an extraordinary experience. It offers a classic New York atmosphere with its red leather booths and old-fashioned bar.

Enjoy hickory log-grilled steaks of all varieties for up to $74 or any number of traditional sides available daily.


Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

Carmine’s is an old-school family-style Italian restaurant that opened its doors in 1990. It offers unbeatable portions of classic Italian dishes, making it a must-visit for dinner in Times Square. You can find everything from Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan to Eggplant Rollatini and traditional Italian desserts on their menu.

It’s also a great spot for large parties, with shareable platters and dishes that serve up to 10 people. Come here for an authentic Italian dining experience!

Los Tacos No.1

If you’re in the Times Square area and looking for a genuine Mexican culinary experience, head to Los Tacos No. 1! This fast-paced eatery initially launched in Chelsea Market, moved over with bigger and brighter accommodations near the iconic venue.

Vegans should consider indulging in tacos (obviously) served on fresh corn tortillas, along with adobada or nopal (cactus). You can customise your toppings right in the open kitchen before slurping down your delicious meal atop one of their cosy high-top counters.

Glass House Tavern

The Glass House Tavern is the place to go for a more upscale meal. This vibrant restaurant serves modern American cuisine with a twist. Positive energy washes over you as soon as you step into the Glass House Tavern.

The atmosphere is cosy and inviting with its warm decor, adding to your pleasure. You are joyfully welcomed by their prompt, courteous service – making for an even more enjoyable experience! To top it off, the food here is simply divine!

Sake Bar Hagi

If you’re looking for something unique, try Sake Bar Hagi. Escape the hustle and bustle of Times Square to discover this hidden gem of an izakaya! For only $12, you can enjoy a pitcher of Sapporo while feasting authentic Japanese flavours. Start with freshly made cucumbers served with mayonnaise and miso for dipping, followed by okonomiyaki – a squid-filled cabbage pancake finished off with bonito flakes.

Lastly, try the kara-age fried chicken, topped off with daikon and ponzu sauce for added flavor. A meal like no other awaits in this delightfully unexpected spot! With its trendy decor and amazing food, Sake Bar Hagi will surely make your night in Times Square memorable.

Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery

For a true taste of New York City, head to Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery. This classic diner offers all the traditional favorites like burgers, fries, sandwiches, shakes and more. But it’s their famous cheesecake that draws in the crowds!

Their cheesecakes are to die for, with flavours like strawberry, raspberry, chocolate chip, and more. Junior’s is a great spot to grab a bite while sightseeing in Times Square.


This Cuban-style restaurant in Times Square offers empanadas, fried yucca, and ropa vieja. The classic Cuban sandwich is served with plantains and fries or salad. Everything on the menu comes in under $10!

Planning on dining in? Head to the back of this bustling eatery and snag one of their characteristically wobbly tables. Don’t forget about the grill guy by the entrance, though, if you’re looking for a quick sandwich meal! No matter when you come in, there’s no wrong time to enjoy some staples from here; however, specific dishes are only served during particular days of the week. Enjoy your stay and fill up – it’ll be worth it!


Artesano, the newest Peruvian restaurant to open its doors in Times Square, brings a taste of South America directly to you — no long-haul flight required!

Award-winning Chef Rodrigo Fernandini, an esteemed chef from Michelin-starred restaurants in Silicon Valley like Chez TJ and Madera, has created a delectable menu that showcases the best of his home country with a modern New York City twist. With its namesake meaning ‘handcrafted’ in Spanish, Artesano restaurant emphasises the detail placed into each dish – ceviche or short ribs.

Final Thoughts

Times Square is a vibrant city full of amazing places to eat. From traditional Italian cuisine to authentic Mexican flavours, there’s something for everyone in this neighbourhood. Whether you’re looking for an upscale experience or a cheap bite, Times Square has it all. So don’t delay – check out some of these eateries on your next visit! Bon appétit!