Brunch is all about relaxing, incessant chit chats and getting a little tipsy. It is one of the best ways to get along with your loved ones and enjoy great food with great company.

Now, when talking about brunch food, eggs take the top place on the list. It’s versatile, delicious and everyone’s favorite. But even if you are sitting in the best brunch restaurant in NYC, you must know how to order the perfect eggs for brunch. It’s a simple task that can decide whether your brunch is a hit or a miss.

So, let’s walk through each of the steps to understand the secret trick to having the best eggs for brunch.

Choose the Style of Eggs 

When ordering eggs at a restaurant, your first step is to settle on the style of eggs you want to eat. Eggs are healthy and versatile food. You can get it cooked in dozens of different styles, add new things as per your taste and more. So, when you are at an NYC brunch restaurant, scroll through the menu and choose one. Here are a few cooking styles you may find on the menu-


Eating eggs poached is one of the most preferred ways for people who like a mixture of textures. While it is in perfect shape from the outside, the inside still has a runny yolk that tastes delicious.

Eggs are poached using water, broth or even a sauce. While water does not add a lot of flavor, broth and sauce can give you a delicious savory taste. Generally, poached eggs are served on top of toast or grilled asparagus and cheese.


Omelette is one of the most common ways to consume eggs. It’s simple and can be customized in whichever way you like.

There’s the traditional way which involves goat cheese and mixed vegetables and can never go wrong.

Some prefer to let go of the yolk and have egg whites only as it’s a good source of protein and contains zero cholesterol. At Sesamo restaurant, you can have an egg white omelet with mushrooms and swiss cheese.

If you love cheese you can also get a four-cheese omelet to truly indulge in the experience.

Eggs Benedict

If you are done with the regular cooking styles and wish to eat eggs in a fancy, new way, eggs benedict is the best way to go.

The dish is made of English muffin that is topped with bacon, poached egg and a generous amount of hollandaise sauce. The recipe makes it pretty obvious that it is a typical American breakfast.


Frittata is an Italian take on eggs that twists a simple omelet into a flavorful fried dish. It drifts away from your conventional recipes as it includes different types of cheese, vegetables, meat, ham and even chopped vegetables. Every restaurant follows a different recipe. You can always request the restaurant to customize the recipe if you are not comfortable with certain ingredients.

When you are dining outdoors, frittata can be a great companion as it is a rich and hearty dish.

Choose Your Sides

Now, eggs are not generally consumed on their own. You need a side to enjoy your creamy eggs with.

The best thing about eggs is that they can be paired with a lot of different things. This allows many different customizations with eggs. For instance, the most common pairing is eggs and bacon. Some even prefer sausages.

If you are a health freak and wish to include more greens into your diet, you can also order a side of spinach or asparagus. For kids, the best option for a side is french fries.

And the options don’t end here. You can always request your choice and the restaurant will serve it to you if they can.

Pick Your Drink

When someone says brunch, it’s obvious that drinks will be a part of it. In fact, for most people, it’s the drinks that are the highlight of a brunch. So, after you are done ordering food, it’s time to pick your drink from the menu.

The options are vast. You can go for classic mimosas or bellini. And if you are a wine lover, white, red and rose sangria will go best with your brunch time.

The best thing about a brunch restaurant is that drinks are bottomless for the brunch period. So, whether you are having mimosas or sangria, the drinks just keep coming. You can get drunk right in the afternoon without judgment.

If you feel a little extra and wish to end your brunch on a sweet note, don’t forget to try some desserts. Tiramisu and creme brulee are worth trying.

Final Thoughts

So, ready to have brunch with your pals? It’s the best time because now you know how to enjoy eggs in the best way possible.

But, while we are sure that your friends will always be great company, good food can only be ensured when you dine in a great place. So, make sure that you enjoy the best company with the best food by finding the best brunch restaurant in NYC.