Nobody is ever truly full after a meal. Because there’s always room for dessert!

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it cannot be denied that ending a delicious meal on a sweet note is a foolproof way to feel completely satisfied. And when we talk about a delectable dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant in New York, it makes sense to go for an authentic Italian dessert too.

Italians know their way around food. Whether it’s pizza or desserts, everything is perfect.

So, when it’s time for desserts, here are our few favorite picks that you can try to have a sweet end to your meal.


Panna Cotta

Do you like a creamy, soft dessert that leaves you with an expression that’s similar to a cooking show host who just had a spoonful of the dish he prepared? Well, if yes then Panna Cotta is your best pick.

It is basically cooked cream that is infused with sugar and gelatin to have a texture that’s stiff enough to hold its shape but soft enough to melt in your mouth. There are different varieties of this dessert. From cherry ginger and coffee to vanilla and salted caramel, it’s a mouth-watering dessert in every flavor.

The recipe is easy enough to make at home. But if it’s your first time, Panna Cotta is best enjoyed in New York’s best Italian restaurant that’s known for its authenticity. Try the original recipe and we can assure you that you will not regret it.


Italians have a rich baking culture. And this rich history is what gave us some of the best dishes including cannoli. It originated on the island of Sicily and has been around since the 9th century.

You might have seen different varieties of cannoli in dessert shops across New York. It looks like a small tube filled with cream that’s overflowing from both sides.

This dessert gives you a perfect combination of crispy and creamy textures. It includes a fried pastry dough that’s shaped like a tube and a creamy filling generally made of healthy ricotta that’s flavorful and dissolves in your mouth and topped with powdered sugar. And if you are in the right place, you may even find cannolis dipped in chocolate chips, dried fruits and more.


Cookies, cocoa and rum-flavored caramel come together in a delicious slice of Bonnet. This authentic Italian dessert is a favorite among the people of Piedmont who enjoy it during festivals as well as family dinners.

Bonet is a heaven for chocolate lovers. It’s a custard-like dessert that is named after a ‘curvy hat’. Some people give it a twist by adding hazelnuts or including some rum in the batter for that extra punch. Finally, the dessert is served with some amaretti biscuits and a generous pour of caramel sauce that’s made with sugar, water and rum.

It’s not really a go-to dessert for a family dinner with kids. But, if you are with your partner or adults, a slice of bonet is a must-try.


It would be a heinous crime to leave out Tiramisu in a list of the best Italian desserts you must try. It’s one of the most famous and deeply loved desserts.

Tiramisu brings a burst of flavors with its layers of rich mascarpone cream layer and a soft coffee and liquor-soaked sponge cake ladyfingers. It is served in different ways by different restaurants. Some present it in a glass jar that clearly shows every layer of the delicious dessert. Others stay traditional and present you with a clean slice topped with chocolate sauce. With just one bite, you will understand the reason why Tiramisu translates to ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’.

If you wish to enjoy a true Italian Tiramisu, you need to start by identifying an authentic Italian restaurant, Sesamo Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen serves a delicious plate of Tiramisu that’s worth trying.


Fond of fried pastries? Sfogliatelle takes the crown in this category. This beautiful dessert from Naples resembles a stack of leaves and is crisp and sweet. Some even say that the shape resembles a lobster tail because of its multiple layers. But that’s not all.

The crisp pastry is also filled with a delicious filling made from ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs, semolina and citrus. And like every dessert, it is topped with powdered sugar that makes everything better.

If not after dinner, it is completely normal to have it during tea or whenever you are craving something sweet.

Final Thoughts

Italians have excelled in food without any doubt. And you need to try that authentic flavor to truly appreciate this excellence. So, when you are ready to indulge in Italian food with your family, friends or partner, find an authentic Italian restaurant to dine in.

Now, you may think that having a true Italian experience isn’t possible in New York, but at Sesamo Restaurant, you can get a great combination of perfect ambiance, Italian food specials and you guessed it, mouth-watering desserts.

So, next time you are wondering which dessert to try, this list will help you make a decision.