Arguably one of the cities known best for the quality of food it serves, New York City combines the taste and flavors from all around the world and presents it in its most original form. Along with the best eating experiences, the promise of the perfect ambiance indoors or outdoor in the form of handcrafted dinner tables and the best outdoor dining makes it a worthwhile city to visit at least once in your life. One of such restaurants specialized in the best Italian cuisine and robust foods with the most delicious of wines are located at Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Located on 10th Avenue and 52nd street, we offer you the absolute best Italian cuisine eating experience you will ever find in New York City. The thing that stands out the most with our restaurant is the recognition it has garnered over the years by being continuously rated as the best brunch restaurant in NYC. Not only this, we have made conscious efforts to provide our customers with new and improved versions of our best dishes, almost always making sure that the seating is intimate and relaxed for an authentic and real experience.

Your Best Eating Experience Is Our Responsibility

When we are claiming to give you your best eating experience, how are we managing to do that? Well, let us take you on a ride to understand what it takes to provide the best services for our customers. We have a devoted staff of people overlooking the whole functioning of our restaurant. They are stationed in every possible arena that requires due diligence and close attention to make sure your experience is one of the finest. So from the most experienced chefs in the kitchen, we have top-class servers and bartenders who are always working tirelessly to ensure you get the experience you deserve.

How do We Ensure Your Perfect Culinary Delight?

To ensure that we are giving you your perfect culinary experience we follow 3 simple but highly important rules. By no means strange or one-of-a-kind set of rules, we always make sure to never compromise on even one of them.

Quality of Food

As a restaurant, it becomes our ethical responsibility to always stay true to our motive of providing the tastiest dishes using fresh local produce. Good food can only be cooked when the quality of the meat, vegetables, and fruits is supreme. With cooking the best quality food dishes, we make sure to price them accordingly. It is not a matter of whether the price is pocket-friendly when the food is health-friendly and cost-effective.


You don’t just pay us for the food we serve you, you pay us for the overall dining experience. Whether it be after a tiring day when you want to relax and have a good meal under the starlit skies or when you want to have a cocktail party with your friends. Whatever suits your purpose of coming to us, we try to do our best to have everything in order for you. Keeping in mind the possible requirements of both our local and foreign customers we have carefully selected our menus and the complimentary eating environment. So choose what appeals to your tastes.


With the advent of COVID 19 and its direct consequences, maintaining the hygiene of our establishment is even more so our topmost concern than it was ever before. We care for the health and wellbeing of our customers and we always make sure to prioritize that. Each member of our staff has certain hygiene guidelines that they have to follow religiously. We also keep into consideration the aspect of cross-contamination for food allergens and such issues. There is no compromise when it comes to hygiene. So rest assured you are eating safely with us.

Choose What Suits You

We have the perfect combination of a restaurant, bar and takeout place. So choose the experience that suits you. Be it the perfectly relaxed one where you sip on your sangria enjoying the best outdoor dining in NYC or where you take your delicious pasta home and have it on your couch. When the food is good, the stunning possibilities of enjoying it at your convenience boggle your mind.

Also as our restaurant is just in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, it is at one of the most accessible locations for the local people as well as the tourists. You will have no trouble coming across it when you’re on the lookout for the perfect Italian restaurant in New York City. Whatever may be your preferred experience with us, we will make sure you remember it for a lifetime. So buckle up for the best food journey of your life.

Keeping up With the Times

The thing that any old establishment struggles with is the way it keeps up with the times and stays relevant. Our restaurant has always been able to do so. Our head chef is a talented cook who closely observes the latest food trends and is one to never miss out on riding the food wave. Featuring brilliant, classic Italian dishes on our brunch and dinner menus, we also have an impressive cocktail for a perfectly relaxed evening. These menus have experimented with quite a lot keeping in mind the international and seasonal fruits and veggies. This is done to ensure that the dining experience is nothing short of spectacular.

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