It is a lazy weekend morning and you have no mood or motivation to cook. But you are hungry for a plate full of satisfying food that can be the perfect touch to your relaxed mood. Well then there is no better option than heading out to a brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen and ordering a meal that you can devour over chitchats with friends. A brunch that you can savor while enjoying the weekend vibes.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I’ve got the perfect options for your perfect afternoon. A combination of the classics and the new, here are 7 delicious dishes that will make your afternoon bunch a great success.


Not able to decide if you want eggs, something creamy or the nutrition of vegetables? Then why choose? Get all of these options in one with a delicious Frittata. This Italian combination of eggs, cream, han and vegetables like asparagus slowly cooked in a cast iron will deliver loads of flavors in your mouth. It is topped with Parmigiano that adds a fruity and nutty flavor to the dish.

Frittata is a simple dish that’s fairly easy to make even at home. However, the simpleness of the recipe should not be mistaken for the lack of taste. it is so fluffy and creamy in texture that you will not be able to stop yourself. With so much cheesy and creamy goodness, frittata makes for a perfect accompaniment to your relaxed weekend brunch. In fact, it is very suited to be enjoyed in an outdoor setting with a glass of wine and a group of close friends and family.

French Toast

The easiest option for every brunch is a good old french toast. You cannot go wrong with it. Pair it with a cup of good coffee and your day cannot have a better start. Even with a table full of food, there is always some appetite for a tasty bite of french toast. After all, it is a champion of brunch foods. You get a taste of crispy outside and juicy tender inside with every bite. And a topping with apple cinnamon sauce and mixed berries just makes it a heavenly treat. Who would want to miss out on this on a brunch or any other meal?

A french toast is a simple dish to prepare but can also be easily ruined. Only the best brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen will be able to serve you with a french toast that you will always crave for. So ordering a plate of french toast will also help you find your ideal spot for weekend brunch with friends.

Steak With Eggs

Brunch is a time when your hunger is at its peak. All you want is to just stuff your mouth with delicious food. When you are overcome with such feelings, there’s nothing better than a piece of juicy steak with a side of eggs. This hearty meal will fulfill all your cravings and satisfy your hunger to the fullest.

Choose your cook for a steak and combine it with the eggs you love. Poached, omelette, scrambled, whatever may be our choice, it goes well with a perfectly made steak. Not only will this meal warm your heart but it is also a healthy option for a lazy weekend. Steak is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals while eggs contain all the important nutrients from protein and folate to vitamins and minerals. So having a steak with a side of eggs once a while is a great choice.

Eggs Benedict

If there is a favorite brunch dish that exists, it is hands down the cuisine that birthed in the city of New York- eggs benedict. Nothing can be more classier yet homelike than a combination of toasted english muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce made to perfection. It delivers every flavor and texture to your palate. Whether it is crunchy, creamy, gooey or savory, you can find it all in eggs benedict. Talk about catering to different preferences.

The best thing about this dish is that it is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are out with your partner, family or friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a brunch, this dish fits every setting. You can customize eggs benedict according to your taste and food preferences. You can ask for a topping of Norwegian smoked salmon or Cannadian bacon. And if you are looking for a meat free option, go for spinach or chives. Combine it with a cup of cappuccino or tea and your brunch cannot be more perfect.

Italian Sausage

If you wish to taste the flavor of Italy while living in New York, you must try the smoky deliciousness of Italian sausage. You can add it to any dish you like, pizza, spaghetti, calzones, soup or even lasagna. But when you are out for brunch, there’s nothing better than eggs with a side of juicy and smokey Italian sausage.

Having it at a restaurant is way better than buying it from a store. You’ll notice the difference in taste and experience as soon as you take a bite of the hand made and high quality sausage at a good restaurant. Also, it is a healthier option as is free from any additives or artificial flavors. If you are looking for another perk about eating Italian sausage at a restaurant, it is that you don’t have to cook it by yourself and the flavor is out of this world.


How could I leave the staple of New York out of the list of best brunch dishes to try? So here’s another brunch classic that you shouldn’t miss out on. Everyone’s go-to dish- pancakes.

You can find some of the best pancakes in New York. This fluffy, soft, sweet and savory recipe is suited as both a meal as well as a dessert. You can have it either way without feeling disappointed. The dripping maple syrup and butter just make everything come together and taste better. In some restaurants, you will also have the option of fresh fruits or berries and Valrhona chocolate chips that enhances the overall flavor of the dish. One bite of these pancakes and you would want to come back for more.


I know this isn’t technically a dish but no brunch is ever complete without drinks. If you ask me the best ones to accompany your afternoon meal, there’s nothing topping the delectable Mimosas.

A perfect blend of orange juice and sparkling wine, Mimosas are just enough to cheer up your mood and even make poached eggs a celebratory meal. Just make sure that when you order this beverage, it is authentic and not a watered down version. You would not want to ruin your brunch because of a poorly made Mimosa.


Are you planning on going for a brunch? Make sure that it is a success with these delicious recipes that are a classic for every afternoon brunch.