So, you are searching for the best Italian takeout restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen? Well, it could be tricky as there are lots of restaurants open out.

Here are some quick tips to help you find the best place for Italian cuisines in New York-

  • Do Complete Research
  • Is The Restaurant Authentic
  • Check The Menu
  • Check Reviews
  • Place an Order on The Phone or Online

Here they are explained briefly-

Do Complete Research

Market research is important. You can find various details about a particular Italian restaurant online before actually visiting there. Simply Google the restaurant name and you will find its official site and social media pages. So, browning through the web allows you to learn when the restaurant was established, get latest photos and more.

Moreover, check the opening hours. Most Italian restaurants open during Italian meal times. Usually, Italians eat lunch between 12 pm and 2 pm and dinner between 7.30 pm and 11 pm. However, timings may vary from restaurant to restaurant. So, make sure you do your research ahead.

Is The Restaurant Authentic

Another tip is that you need to check the authenticity of an Italian restaurant. In other words, you must check whether you can find authentic food there.

Many fast food chains don’t consider authenticity. It’s good to call the restaurant to get answers to your questions about what’s their favorites, do they offer your favorite wines, etc.

Check The Menu

Imagine you are feeling like eating Italian pizza, but when you reach the restaurant, you know that it’s not available on their menu. This makes you sad and wastes your time as well. To avoid this, you must check the restaurant menu. Thus, you can ensure that you will get your favorite food.

Do you find some pictures on the menu? Make sure they are real. For this, you can check their social media pages. Why so? Because many restaurants usually pick pictures from the internet and add them into the menu to attract people, but you hardly get what you had imagined.

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Check Reviews

In which restaurant do you want to visit—the one where people enjoy eating or the one where they don’t. Obviously the first one. So, how to find whether an Italian takeout restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen is worth visiting? Check online reviews.

Visit a restaurant’s Google listing page and see what people are writing about it. Check the average customer rating. Moreover, you can visit the restaurant’s Yelp page. For reviews, you can also check the social media pages.

Place an Order on The Phone or Online

So, by following the tips listed above, you can easily find the best Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.

Since you aren’t dining in the restaurant, make sure you place your order ahead of time. For instance, if the restaurant is just at 15 minutes distance from your location. Order your food on the phone or online 5 minutes before leaving. Since food preparation time may vary from cuisine to cuisine, you can place an order accordingly.

It’s important to note that the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet. Thus, you need to consider all the safe takeout tips set by the department of health. For more details, you can check out our previous blog—Tips For a Healthy And Safe Takeout

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