It’s difficult to find a place where you can enjoy a meal without feeling guilty. Health is of utmost importance, especially today and that calls for a good workout regime along with a nutritious diet. If you are nodding your head reading this, I have some good news for you.

You can now have a delicious Italian dinner at SESAMO the best outdoor dining in NYC and keep up with your health too. Why? Because authentic Italian food offers a lot of health benefits.

If you choose the right options, you can enjoy a day or night out and eat good food while maintaining your health routine. If you’ve been wondering if Italian food is healthy then this article is for you!

So, here’s a walk through the most noteworthy health benefits of Italian food.

Fresh Ingredients

Italian food is all about using the best and fresh ingredients. In fact, it is one of the primary aspects that determine the rich flavor of all Italian cuisines that you love and enjoy. But, these fresh ingredients do more than just make the food delectable, they also make it healthy.

Tomato is the most frequently used ingredient in Italian cuisines. Apart from adding that thick texture and tangy flavor, tomatoes are rich in Lycopene and vitamin C.

Lycopene is known to be a powerful antioxidant that rid you of oxidative stress. This further helps to prevent medical conditions like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes that can develop with extended free radical damage. Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps repair body tissues and maintain proper body function such as the immune system.

Similarly, Italian food is packed with garlic which has its own long list of health benefits varying from being antibacterial to improving cardiovascular health. And as you know, most of Italian food is made in olive oil, which in the right amounts, is effective in lowering bad cholesterol and soothing inflammation.

Offer Low Calorie Alternatives

When Americans think about Italian food, they picture a pizza dripping in cheese. And you might think, how is that possibly low calorie?

Well, it’s about making the right choice. Authentic Italian food is not overflowing with cheese. And most of the Italian cuisines are full of fresh vegetables that is enough to meet your daily vegetable intake. It’s a matter of identifying an authentic Italian restaurant so you can truly enjoy low calorie food in Italian taste.

From delicious salads like misticanza and starters like eggplant rollatini to the rigatoni alla primavera, you have many low calorie options to choose from. And if you need more control over your diet, you can always request a customization.

Health Benefits of Wine

A glass of red wine is healthy for your body. I’m sure it is the one reason or excuse for most people to indulge in wine. But, when consumed in moderation, wine can easily be an integral part of your routine.

A glass of red wine is good for your heart. It is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, especially resveratrol which can help lower blood pressure, protect the brain, ease joint pain and more. Red wine is also effective in reducing bad cholesterol and regulating blood sugar.

Similarly, white wine also improves heart health and reduces the presence of inflammatory cells. Its antioxidant effects are proven to have a positive impact on lung health and function.

Cheese Is a Good Source of Protein

Hearing the word cheese often makes health freaks frown. But, not all cheese is high calorie and unhealthy.

Italians are known for their fresh cheese. And some of the cheese varieties are an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium. If consumed properly, cheese can help you lose weight too.

Mozzarella is low in calories and sodium but high in calcium and protein. It’s packed with probiotics that can inculcate a healthy gut environment.

You can also opt for ricotta cheese which is high in protein, healthy fats and omega 3 and 6.

Seafood Is Packed With Nutrients

Whether it’s grilled salmon, mahi mahi or scampi, seafood is always an important part of the Italian cuisine.

Seafood offers a wide range of health benefits. First, it is nutrient dense. You can expect a great deal of vitamin B, A, D and omega fatty acids in seafood. Second, it’s low in all the bad stuff such as saturated fat. All these factors come together on a plate that’s not just delicious but also a great way to maintain heart health, brain function, immune system, youthful skin and overall fitness.

This is just a general introduction to the benefits of seafood. If we look at them individually, every type of fish, shrimp, lobster, etc. have their own benefits to offer.

Good Source of Carbs

Carbohydrates are very important for your body to function, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. It is one important macronutrient that is turned into energy for your body. So, when consuming carbs, it’s important that you focus on consuming it in a healthy form.

In Italian cuisine, bread and pasta are the two primary forms of carb. Combine it with a good sauce, protein source and vegetables and you have yourself a healthy meal. Pasta has more than 600 shapes and types. You can choose one that you find healthy and go for it. Now, make sure to not fill yourself up with just carbs. The only way you can use carbohydrates to your advantage is by controlling portions and mixing multi grain options.

So, now you know why most Italians are lean and fit. The food may not be the only reason for their fitness but it does contribute at some level. Italian food is healthy and a good way to treat your palate without ruining your health routine. So, why wait? Book your table today!