Valentine’s Day, also referred to as St. Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 each year. This day marks the celebration of love, commitment and old-school romance. It is a day that holds special importance in the life of lovers all over the world.

In the United States of America in particular the overall expenditure on Valentine’s Day amounts to billions of dollars each year. Which is clearly indicative of the popularity of this romantic event. On this day, couples choose to buy chocolates and flowers, visit the best outdoor dining in NYC for a delicious meal, propose to their significant other or do all of the above.

This worthwhile affair is a day of celebrating and cherishing love in its entirety. Out of the most common ways of wooing your partner on the day of love, taking them out for a perfect outdoor dinner date tops the list. Especially in a city like New York which offers the most breathtaking views to go with the delicious plate of food.


Admire the NYC Winters in a Heated Outdoor Dining Restaurant

February is one of the coldest months in New York. With years of chilly experiences on Valentine’s Day, the people of NYC are pretty aware of what the evils of winter can do to stop you cold in your tracks. You could get stuck inside the house for months on end. But if you wish to admire the snowy Valentine’s night in the pleasant company of your partner outside, you can do that too. It is only possible with a remarkably heated outdoor dining restaurant like Sesamo.

Sesamo is an Asian-Italian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen NYC. And it offers the patrons the chance to enjoy a warm and comfortable outdoor dinner date. This Valentine’s Day, when you have the chance to immerse in the slightly chilly but comfortable winter, why wouldn’t you?

Eat the Best Meals Cooked By an Experienced Chef

An attention-grabbing Dinner Menu that has everything that you need to fill your bellies, Sesamo is exceptional in creating a memorable eating experience on special days like Valentine’s.  Along with the goodness of high-quality fruits, veggies and meats, enjoy the ambiance and the sweet music playing in the background. You can choose to eat any of the stunning dishes that feature on the menu ranging from the Bruschetta Ai Funghi to Duck Ragù Pappardelle.

Sesamo has to its advantage, the creative and genius brain of Chef Sandy to create a range of delicious dishes. He has worked in the food industry for a long time and gained a lot of respect among his fellow peers. It is due to his ingenuity that the food at the restaurant maintains the original Italian flavors with an interesting Asian twist.

Order the Best Wines on Your Special Dinner Date

What is wine but the sole companion of a delightful plate of food, your lover’s sweet smile and a heart full of love. Wine elevates the normal everyday dining experience and takes it up a notch. And if you are placing the order for the best wines this Valentine’s Day, the promise of a wonderful evening becomes even more possible.

With a huge variation in the types of cocktails and drinks available at Sesamo, your Valentine’s Dinner Date will surely be a huge success. Wines from different countries as well as from some US states like California features on the menu, offering ample choice for you. Make the right choice by picking the ones that both you and your partner will love.

Spend Quality Time With Your Partner in a Private Table Outdoors

Spend the night chatting with your better half and recounting all the beautiful moments that you’ve spent together. Simply immerse yourself in the present moment where nothing else exists to distract you from them.

Sesamo tries to give as much privacy to each couple with its private tables for the best outdoor dining experience. Away from the disruptive chatter of other guests, you can exist in your bubble of sweet talks.

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Make Your Dinner Date Special by Popping the Question 

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the best days out there where you can pop the question of marriage to your lover. From famous celebrities like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to your favorite TV couples, nearly 10% of the US population chooses Valentine’s Day as their special day. They profess their undying love and pop the question to spend eternity with their significant others.

What better way to romantically propose to your partner but over a plate of your favorite pasta and a bottle of your beloved red wine? It is in those moments where you are one with the feeling of love and feels even closer to your partner.

People often slip the ring inside the glass of wine to surprise their partners or put it in one of the delicious desserts that they order after the meal. These wholesome moments are for life which is why Sesamo makes sure to provide only the best for their customers.

Stroll Through the Streets After the Dinner Date 

After you’re full of love and food up to the brim, it is time to go on a walk, hand-in-hand with your partner through the snowy yet stunning streets of NYC. There is nothing as refreshing and invigorating like a walk through the sidewalks of a scenic city like New York. You can chat nonstop or choose to walk in silence after the special romantic evening that you’ve just spent together.

It will definitely become a walk you’ll always remember. Especially if you’ve made it extra special by proposing to your partner.

Trust Us To Make Your Valentine’s Extra Special This Year

Come around and visit Sesamo to have the best Valentine’s Day this wintery February. Trust us to make it one that you’ll truly cherish for the rest of your life!