What comes to your mind when someone asks you which is the best food to eat? You are missing out a lot if you do not say ‘Italian Food’. Italian cuisine, also known as the Mediterranean diet, is the most popular and healthiest food. Apart from being the yummiest food, it is also said to be a good pick if you want something healthy to eat. Every region of the country has its own unique specialities of food that are worth tasting at least for once.

Well, the Italian food is not only served within the domestic boundaries but is present in almost all parts of the world. What made it so popular? Well, it’s the heavenly taste and varieties that the cuisine has to offer. Admired all around the globe but not that easy to imitate. And coming to the title, why Italian food is the best? Let’s find out –


Italy Offers Pizza

Pizza has to be the most popular and delicious offerings of the Italian cuisine. It may not be a big of a deal for Italians but the taste of pizza for a foreigner is close to heaven. You give them once and they’ll be visiting a Italian restaurant for their lifetime.


Italian Food Gives You Fresh Ingredients

The next best thing about Italian food is they are majorly made up of fresh ingredients. And why this is a good thing is because eating not-frozen veggies and fruits, pasta and sea-food is much healthier as the amount of processed ingredients is very less. For instance, Italians make fresh pasta from flour, egg and water. They avoid excess fat, hydrogenated oils and other harmful chemicals.


Italian Food Can Be a Healthy Pick

Do you know that Italian food can actually be healthy for you? Eating Italian food can be healthy if you know what to eat. For instance, there are different Italian dishes that offer a good source of beans, whole-grains and vegetables. These items are low in calories but give a high nutritional value. And if you are a fast food lover and still want a balanced diet, then picking the right Italian food is your go to option. Italian menus also have dishes that have some fiber-rich foods which may help you to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

The Italian cooks use olive oil which is a good source of omega fatty acids. This oil is used in the majority of its dishes and helps reduce inflammation and fight other diseases. Even red wine offers antioxidants that are good for your body. You can find the best Italian in Hell’s kitchen, a good italian restaurant in New York where you can have healthy Italian dishes. .


Weight Management

To all the people who want to eat their favourite Italian food without the expense of losing their ideal weight, there’s good news for you. You can eat dishes made up of tomatoes, leafy greens as these are low calorie ingredients. These foods will increase your intake of vitamins and hence help you to manage your weight.

Well, don’t worry about the protein as some of the Italian dishes use white meats and fish, both of them are a good source of protein. Eating chicken gives you protein, minerals and vitamins which are absolutely for your overall health. Having said that, anything in excess is harmful for your body, so make sure you’re not overeating.


Offers Diversity

The diverse nature of Italian cuisine is another most important feature that adds to its worldwide recognition. Every region, town, even street has its own unique style of cooking and all of them are just amazing. There are a lot of local cuisines and even the ingredients are worth trying. It’s almost impossible to list all the food items that the cuisine has to offer. And what is it that actually makes the cuisine diverse? The ingredients. Most of the ingredients Italians use are a mix of different regions. Over the period of time, Italian people have borrowed, adapted and invented their dishes. This diversity is the reason why Italian cuisine is always the center of attention.


Best Chefs

Well, no one can deny that the quality ingredients that Italy offers are enough to make a dish tasty but the cooking style does matter a lot. And Italian chefs enjoy quite the international success. These chefs have been ruling over hearts with the yummy food they cook. Some of the Italian chefs are even named under the Top 10 best chefs in the world.



Looking at the history of Italian cuisine, people with normal financial backgrounds have always led the charge. And it reflects in their food items as the pricing is quite cheap. Whether it’s pizza, pasta or any other dish, all have a decent price range and are affordable. Along with the pricing, the food is also simple, diverse and comes with a number of tasty varieties. And the best part is the ingredients are also affordable, so you can cook your favorite Italian dish at your home.


Offers Simplicity

Italian cuisine offers a wide range of diverse food dishes that are both delicious and yet simply made. These mouth-watering dishes are made from simple and fresh ingredients which makes it more reliable to eat. In Particular, the traditional Italian dishes are cooked more naturally with different styles and recipes. These recipes add a more enhanced touch to the ingredients which ultimately makes an Italian dish more yummy to eat.