Autumn in New York. The fallen greens turned yellow, red and brown, and a slightly warm hue of the cozy sun. Everything about a New York autumn morning sounds perfect, perfect for the date you’ve been wanting to go on.

Brunch dates sound especially exquisite during these months. As you sit on the patio and share pancakes, enjoy the splendor around you with your partner or a potential one. And if everything goes well, you could follow it up with a breezy walk down the lane.

To make that date extra special, you have to start with just the perfect brunch place. Go for an authentic Italian restaurant in New York that offers you the perfect blend of its delectable food and a heavenly combination of drinks. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the setting.

When finding the perfect restaurant, 

Here Are Some Things To Look For:

An Outdoor Setting

You don’t want to waste a beautiful morning looking at the dimly lit interior and the four walls of a restaurant. The magic happens outside, sitting on the patio, enjoying the breeze and sipping on some mimosas.

Find a place that offers an outdoor setting so you can bathe in the sunlight while getting to know each other.

Authentic Italian Food

If you’re going for Italian food, might as well go for something worth your penny. The menu in itself would be evidence of how authentic the place is.

Do a little background check, find the menu online and read through what they offer and how authentically Italian those dishes are. You have time on your hands, so even if you don’t know what a dish is all about, it’s all a google search away. Reviews can be another easy way to find out if you should make a reservation or not.

Don’t leave this for the day of your date, you do not want to look uncertain.

You also don’t want your date ruined by the food you could make at home. (not that you can’t cook, but if you and the chef can cook the same, isn’t it a waste of money to go outside?)

The brunch is the perfect setting for a no-effort effort date. It seems casual but still requires an effort from you to make it work.

Brunch Timings

Time works like a charm, but if you’re ever too early or too late, it can cut your date short, really short. Make sure the place you wanna take your date is open and serve brunch when you arrive.

If you arrive during the happy hours, even better!

Or, you could choose to shun all of this and decide to make some fresh toast in your own backyard! Here, the food doesn’t even have to be perfect, it’s the thought that actually counts.

Making some amazing french toast, eggs benedict or pancakes really isn’t the toughest task. But if you want to impress your date with your cooking skills while still keeping it simple, you can find a bunch of recipes to stir up some brunch magic.

Pro tip: Learn what drink goes best with the dish you’re trying to cook and keep loads of it! You don’t want to be short on preparations.

Or you could get the best of both worlds. Have a beautiful set-up in your backyard while ordering takeout from the best Italian restaurant, new york.

Here are Some of Our Top Picks for a Brunch Date:

Eggs Benedict

This one’s a New York favorite and a staple at every brunch place. Some English muffins, poached eggs and Canadian bacon covered with a creamy & buttery hollandaise sauce sound like the perfect first meal of the day.

But if you wanna get more Italian with your eggs, you should go for a…


It’s basically an Italian omelet cooked with a bunch of other vegetables, meats and cheese. At Sesamo Restaurant, you can have your frittata served with roasted asparagus, ham and Parmigiano.

If you want to make this yourself, here are our best tips for you.

Keep some gluten-free options up your sleeve, you never know what your date might be like. Here’s our gluten-free favorite.

Gluten-Free Penne Pasta

Penne pasta is everybody’s favorite, and the most common type of pasta out there. But when it is gluten-free and yet just as delicious as any other type of pasta; it becomes elite. You can have it served with spicy Italian sausage, fresh fennel and sauvignon blanc sauce.

If creamy pasta is your idea of a perfect brunch dish, you’ll find enough of those at any authentic Italian place.

You could order a Pappardelle, served with mixed mushrooms, chardonnay wine and truffle scent.

If you want something creamier, go for a Linguine Carbonara with apple smoked bacon and pecorino Romano cheese.

If you don’t shy away from digging into some tender and flavorful meat, definitely order a…

Black Angus Steak

This is another customer favorite. Served with roasted potatoes and any style of eggs at this Italian restaurant, new york, there are plenty of regular customers that can advocate the quality and taste of this delicacy.

You can keep your brunch simple and order eggs with a side of bacon or sausage. Or gobble down on a serving of spaghetti with meatballs, an absolute marvel of a dish.

Whatever you order, don’t forget the star of the day.


This fruity cocktail is a brunch must-have for all brunches, especially when you’re out with someone special. Not only during breakfast, but your glass of mimosas can very well carry onto the afternoon and evening if you wish.

You can complement your spaghetti and meatballs or your serving of poached eggs with a glass of your favorite sangria or a cocktail of your liking.

Ending Words

The time is here, it’s sunny but breezy, it’s warm and chilly. There is no better time to enjoy a brunch date out in the open.

Go ahead, do your research, and find a quiet, romantic and authentic Italian restaurant for your date. One that serves all your needs to make your date memorable for you and that someone special.

Make your reservations today. We’ve already hinted at all the delicious savors you could order, all that’s left is to take action.