May marked as a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. More and more states eased lockdown restrictions and people slowly reopened retail stores, businesses, and restaurants. Across the country, everything normalized and people were finally happy to see things falling into place. Though, this new phase does not mean that the risk of contraction or spread has changed. If your favorite restaurant or bar has opened, there’s no guarantee that you will be safe.

However, eliminating the possible chance of having a delicious meal after staying in quarantine for months is a huge disappointment. So, what can you do and how will you navigate through uncharted waters? Here’s a write-up that will explain how you can safely dine outside and what precautions you can take. In addition, we will also talk about what rules most outdoor dining New York restaurants will follow and how will it work for you.

Reopening Rules Restaurants Will Follow

Restaurants that will reopen have to follow certain rules and regulations. For instance, regular sanitization along with temperature checks and social distancing practices. In addition to this, the restaurants also have to ensure that guests leave information for contact tracing. While dining guests have to ensure sanitation practices and wear a mask whenever they leave their seats.

As per the guidelines issued by the regulatory bodies, restaurants have to close before midnight. Follow air filtration practices and thorough cleaning rules. Besides sanitization and other guidelines, the authorities also made sure that restaurants do not offer bar services. This means that you cannot walk up to the bar and order a glass of wine or daiquiri.

These guidelines will ensure that everyone is safe and as of now, New York is the only state allowing restaurants and indoor dining to open in some capacity. However, the city was instructed to open in the month of July. The rise in the number of coronavirus cases forced the authorities to reschedule. Looks like the city is finally ready to open bars and restaurants keeping in mind the various nuances of social distancing and sanitization.

Restaurants will forge ahead with indoor dining, but for your safety, you can still order food online and eat from the comfort of your home. At this point, social distancing and quarantine are the best two solutions on the table until the vaccine arrives. So, plan ahead, and if you still insist on dining outside make sure that you follow all the guidelines carefully. That said, let us look at the precautions you need to take.

Stay Six Feet Apart From Other People

Yes, you have to stay six feet apart from other people in the restaurant and the dining arrangements will help you figure that out. Always keep in mind that the farther you are from other guests in the restaurants, the better it will be for you and the staff members. After all, 6 feet is not a magical distance rule and your safety lies in your own hands.

Similarly, the guidelines associated with the coronavirus pandemic do not change after the restaurants reopen for people to enjoy delicious meals. You still have to wash your hands regularly, use a hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face, nose, or ears.

Even as we move ahead and try to follow the guidelines, you will find yourself amidst perplexities and new dangers posed. But don’t worry because at least one thing is clear, we know a lot about the virus and these precautions will stay with us until the situation is normalized or there’s a vaccine enough for people to get infected from the virus.

Make an Informed Decision About What’s Safe

The situation is so difficult yet intertwined with our lives. Sometimes people have to determine whether this is safe for us or not. Yes, many states have issued safety precautions and other guidelines, but these rules are so basic that people will intentionally or unintentionally forget to implement them properly. So, you have to make an informed decision and decide what is safe for you.

This means that in many cases you have to analyze your health, age, and any existing medical conditions. It depends on your health and immunity on how much risk you are willing to take. Another crucial aspect is how much you are ready to tolerate because after entering a restaurant you will be exposed to many other people around you. Yes, restaurants will make arrangements for you and others to stay at least 6 feet apart, but you have to be extra careful while using the surroundings of the restaurant. With all that in mind, people who fall under the high-risk category should take all the additional precautions to be extra safe while outdoor dining in New York.

Make an Early Appointment

You have to make an early appointment and ensure that everything is planned before entering the restaurant. The reason is quite obvious. First, because the restaurants will open with minimum guests due to social distancing practices. Second, you can miss out on your dining opportunities if you call at the end moment. Third, the restaurants have to prepare and work extra to ensure sanitization and social distancing. So, to make their work easier make an early appointment and dine out successfully.

Also, keep in mind that outdoors is safer than indoors, but indoors with open windows and good ventilation equals the safety standards of outdoor dining. Although none of them will stop the virus from spreading and we can only take precautions to help prevent virus contraction. Even during gatherings, you have to stay away from people you don’t live with. You might feel the need to hug them or talk to them but for now, a distant wave should do the job. Sadly, this also means that no hugs, handshakes, only smiles, and distant hellos.

Outweigh the Risks

As long as the tables are six feet apart you will be at low risk of contracting the virus. However, wearing a mask and staying outdoors is not one of the safest options. If you feel like there is a lot of risk eating outside, order a meal. Most restaurants in New York provide home deliveries. You can always check the menu online, sign up with a restaurant that offers your favorite cuisine, and order anything you want to eat.

With that in mind, you also need to take note of one important thing. Yes, everything has almost opened in New York City, but it’s probably a good idea to reflect on what is vital. Going out dining or staying home and ordering food online? You are smart enough to identify where the risk lies. So, go ahead and make a wise decision, and don’t forget to keep all the guidelines in mind.