A plate of Italian food in the city of New York is probably the best food staple for millions of its inhabitants. Be it as a brunch meal on the go or a full plate of food for a nice dining experience, New Yorkers have a favorite Italian dish for all times of the day and for each occasion. The popularity of Italian cuisine in the USA especially in the city of New York is no strange phenomenon. This is also quite evident with the best Italian restaurant New York and other such restaurants that serve Italian cuisine around the clock in every nook and corner of the city.

What is the secret to the popularity of Italian cuisine in New York? Shockingly, it is not always because of the ingenuity of the chef that cooks up brilliant sparkling dishes that makes Italian food so popular in NYC. The popularity of Italian cuisine is owed to the easy-to-cook recipes that almost always provide a rather exceptional eating experience for the eater. This is further mainly because of the use of fresh local produce as well as essential ingredients during the cooking process that lend a special texture and flavor to the dishes. Hence using the right raw material to create a perfectly well-balanced meal cannot be emphasized enough for the cooking up of a good plate of food.

Ingredients are thus the basis for a good dish and especially one which belongs to Italian cuisine. Let us go through the list of 7 essential ingredients that are required to cook some good Italian food.


Red juicy tomatoes are for sure the first basic ingredient that anyone would require to cook up a spectacular Italian dish. Be it in their natural form or in a canned form, tomatoes give the Italian dishes their identities. This is also why Italy is one of the leading producers of tomatoes around the world. If we talk about the Italian food in NYC in particular it is bound to be used in every dish. Tomatoes aren’t just healthy and important for nutrition but they also lend a luxurious color and flavor to the overall dish. Hence even if you want to cook up a banging dish in your kitchen, you can not ignore the goodness and flavor that some good tomatoes are sure to bring to your dish.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is another ingredient that is super important to use in a good Italian meal. It is what keeps the dish together and makes it sing. This oil, unlike many other harmful ones, is actually good for your heart. Extra virgin olive oil which is the unrefined form of this oil is majorly used in Italian dishes to bring out both the flavors and improve the texture of any simple dish. What else can an individual ask for? When the oil is offering so many health benefits and also creating a yummy overall dish, there is nothing to complain about.


Undoubtedly the most important staple ingredient each Italian cooking kitchen must be in possession of is pasta. Italian cuisine is synonymous with the dish of pasta. Hence if you want to be a true appreciator of Italian foods, having good pasta in the house is mandatory. With the variations in sizes and shapes of raw pasta, it is up to the individual to have their favorite one in the pantry. All the popular restaurants in the city of New York will have every pasta imaginable and if not, they are not afraid to make it then and there.

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You can in no way separate the cheese from a good plate of Italian food. If you do separate the two whether due to the reason that you’re lactose intolerant or because you’re a vegan, it is a true shame because Italians love their cheeses. Whether it be mozzarella or parmesan, whether it be a pizza or pasta, the amount of cheese on the dishes will be determined by personal opinion only. This ingredient adds extra richness which can be toned down with a complimentary glass of wine.


One ingredient which elevates the flavor and taste of any dish on the planet, garlic is super important to create good Italian food. Don’t hate garlic just because it gives you bad breath, it makes up for it with the extra kick that it introduces even in a basic dish and also due to its revered medicinal properties. This spice shouldn’t just be an essential ingredient in your pantries for Italian cuisine in particular but for any other cuisine like Chinese, Indian or Japanese too. Garlic is a flexible ingredient that can shine in any average dish and make it smell and taste, amazing.


The country of Greece gifted oregano to the world and it was best made to use by the Italians. Each Italian dish can be sprinkled with a little bit of oregano whether in plant-based form or dried form to lend a spicy and aromatic kick to it. Used as a green herb in Italian sauces and in the dried form over the whole dish to increase the aromatic experience, oregano is quite a favorite among the Italian cuisine enthusiasts of New York City.


Basil is another simple garden herb that is known to highlight the refreshing taste and aroma of any regular Italian dish. Used quite extensively in salads and dishes of the Mediterranean region, basil is a must-have, not in your pantries but in your kitchen garden for sure. Sprinkling these little tidbits will take your dish to another level and even in a restaurant, the chefs are well aware of what a few leaves of basil can do. So be smart and make the right use of these green leaves.