If you’re sightseeing in New York City and want to explore the iconic Empire State Building, you’ll likely work up an appetite along the way. Finding the best spots where to eat while sightseeing in NYC may seem daunting, but we’ve got you covered on the top restaurant options located near the Empire State Building. After all, fueling up with delicious cuisine is all part of the quintessential NYC experience!

Overview of Dining Near The Empire State Building

The area around the Empire State Building offers a wide range of excellent dining options to suit any taste or budget. As one of the top tourist attractions in a city celebrated for its food scene, some of New York’s most acclaimed restaurants are conveniently located nearby.

You can find everything from cheap grab-and-go snacks to special occasion Michelin star dining experiences within easy walking distance. Whether you’re craving a proper New York pizza slice or exquisitely prepared seafood, you won’t have to wander far. And thanks to NYC’s incredible culinary diversity, the international cuisine choices are unmatched as well. From Korean barbecue joints to tacos, Italian trattorias to Chinese dim sum parlors, it’s all close at hand.

No matter if you’re wrapping up an entire vacation day filled with sightseeing or just popping out of the Empire State Building itself for a quick bite, these restaurants should be on your radar. Fueling up after – or before – your visit with top-notch food will ensure you make the most of your time near this NYC icon.

General Location and Accessibility

Most of the restaurants on this list are located within a 0.5 mile radius of the Empire State Building. With an address of 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10118 on 5th Avenue, the area puts visitors in the heart of bustling Midtown Manhattan. Surrounded by other major attractions and transit hubs, it provides super convenient access to dining options.

Nearby subway stations like 34 St-Herald Square make it a snap to incorporate lunch or dinner seamlessly into your itinerary. Many restaurants even provide online reservations for that added peace of mind. Whether visiting the landmark itself or simply exploring Manhattan, the Empire State Building offers an optimal jumping off point. Its prime location means eating well is always within easy reach.

Noteworthy Neighborhoods for Dining

Several distinct NYC neighborhoods converge near the Empire State Building, each contributing flavorful dining options in their own culinary style. Areas like Koreatown and Curry Hill lie just blocks away, while destinations like Herald Square or Madison Square Park also provide easy access. Each pocket around Midtown reveals its own ethnic inflections and restaurant gems worthy of deeper exploration. But you can taste them all in an afternoon if you wish!


With the highest density of Korean restaurants in the city, it’s no surprise that Koreatown offers some of the best dining choices near the Empire State Building. Located primarily along 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, it packs excellent cafes, noodle shops, and barbecue spots into an easily walkable stretch. From comforting stews and dumplings to sizzling meats and kimchi classics, Koreatown serves the vibrant tastes of Korea with NYC flair.

Curry Hill

Meanwhile, just southwest lies Curry Hill near 28th Street and Lexington Avenue. As NYC’s unofficial Little India, you’ll find aromatic curry houses, dosa cafes, and more beckoning with the subcontinent’s diverse flavors. Whether craving vegetarian thali platters, crispy samosas, or rich curries, Curry Hill delivers authentic yet innovative Indian fare perfect for pre- or post-sightseeing refueling.

Herald Square and Beyond

The lively Herald Square shopping district means no shortage of quick, casual dining options located at the Empire State Building’s doorstep. But venturing just a bit further opens up Michelin-starred venues, cozy wine bars, and other gastropub-style eateries optimal for a longer, lingering meal. Nearby neighborhoods like NoMad, Murray Hill, and Gramercy provide upscale restaurants for more celebratory dining occasions as well.

Notable Nearby Restaurants by Cuisine

From street food to high-end tasting menus, the dining diversity around the Empire State Building means all appetites find satisfaction. While exhaustive coverage remains impossible, we highlight some best-in-class restaurants to consider by cuisine type and occasion below.

Best Italian Restaurants

Seeking a taste of Italy after your Empire State Building visit? Within a few blocks you’ll discover wonderful red-sauce joints, critically acclaimed fine dining destinations, and charming BYOB spots alike. Top options include:


Our very own Hell’s Kitchen gem fusing Italian fare with Asian accents. Squid ink pasta meets chili crisp while cocktails blend sake and limoncello for one-of-a-kind flavors.

Scarpetta NYC

Iconic modern Italian cuisine inside Nomad’s glamorous James Hotel. Staples like the signature spaghetti with tomato and basil shine, alongside indulgent dishes like Fois Gras Ravioli.


Cozy, rustic BYOB spot serving particularly toothsome house made pastas. Regulars rave about the rich meatballs and near-perfect cacio e pepe.

Allora Fifth Ave

Sleek Italian eatery inside the Le Meridien hotel. Their tableside chateaubriand hits the spot after a long day exploring NYC on foot.

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants

With New York’s “melting pot” culinary heritage, some of the city’s most interesting dishes come from fusing global flavors. Visitors can discover wonderful East-meets-West concepts including:


Elegant venue guided by a Per Se alum chef that spotlights royal Korean tasting menus. Over-the-top presentations like beef short ribs with soy pear glaze astound through rigorous technique.

Hornus NYC

Talented chefs blending Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian traditions using seasonal American ingredients. Dishes like King Crab Noodle or pork belly reinvent Asian fare for a NYC palate.

Best Indian Restaurants

Seeking South Asian flavors instead? Right nearby you’ll find Michelin-approved temples of Indian cuisine alongside humble dosa shops and lunch buffet mainstays. Top options include:

Adda Indian Canteen

Bright, modern spot focused on Kolkata-style neighborhood fare. Adventurous eaters shouldn’t miss the goat brain curry for a memorably rich, intensely spiced dish.


Unfussy Curry Hill café churning out stellar tandoori dishes and vindaloos. Their lamb seekh kebab rates among the city’s best.

Shalimar Sweets & Restaurant

No-frills vegetarian legends slinging stellar Northern Indian entrees and, yes, sweets. Their bedmi puri breakfasts enjoy a cult following.

Key Takeaways

When visiting the Empire State Building and hungry for an excellent meal, remember a few key points:

  • Be sure to check out SESAMO for an ingenious blend of Italian cuisine influenced by Asia’s dynamic flavors, conveniently located in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • The restaurants closest to the landmark itself sit primly near 5th Ave and 34th Street. But venturing just a bit further opens up incredible dining diversity – don’t be afraid to explore!
  • Manhattan neighborhoods like Koreatown and Curry Hill offer ethnic cuisine clusters that shouldn’t be missed.
  • All price points find satisfaction with food options spanning inexpensive street eats to swanky Michelin-starred venues.
  • Reservations strongly recommended for high-end restaurants, but walk-ins may be luckily accommodated.
  • With so many incredible dining choices steps away, don’t limit yourself to just one cuisine! Mix up Italian one day with Korean barbecue the next.
  • Pairing iconic sightseeing with iconic NYC cuisine makes for quintessential memories. Dining well maximizes the magical experience.