Summertime, fondly referred to as “estate” (/esˈta.te/) by the Italians, is the favorite season for many people worldwide. It is pronounced as “es-tah-teh” with an accent on the ah. Italy has four seasons —Primavera- Spring, Estate- Summer, Autunno- Autumn/Fall, and Inverno- Winter and the climate of Italy can be vastly different depending on the region. Italy is the 5th most visited country globally, with over 62 million visitors annually. Italy, however, witnesses the largest influx of people during Summer. Several reasons are credited for this influx. The most popular is the summer sunshine, making it easier for sightseeing and activities and the numerous festivities. Italy’s stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, historical cities, unique food, amazing fashion, and art make it a favorite among tourists.

Summertime in Italy is from June to August. The temperature this season ranges between 18°C and 38°C. This is quite hot and humid compared to other seasons, for example:

  • In Spring, between March and May, the temperature ranges between 5°C and 25°C, with the weather being primarily pleasant and breezy.
  • In Autumn, between September and November, the temperature ranges between 8°C and 28°C, and the weather is usually pleasant and rainy.
  • In Winter, however, between December and February, the temperature falls sharply and ranges between -5°C and 15°C, making the weather dry and cold.

Italian summers are quite hot, especially in the Southern part of Italy. It is usually hot, humid, with lean patches of rain on other days. The maximum average temperature as Spring ends in May is 25°C. However, this temperature can peak in July at 40°C. Visitors are usually advised to bring essentials like weather-appropriate clothing, accessories, and sunscreen.


Interesting things to note before visiting Italy In the Summer

There are a few things to note before visiting Italy that can help your trip get easier and more fulfilling. They are:

  • Do not expect people always to understand or speak English.
  • Traveling by train is very effective and economical, but renting a car is best to reach areas the trains won’t reach. Uber is not that convenient to use.
  • Vegan food options are not the most popular.
  • Dress decently when visiting the churches.
  • Do not tip in Italy. It’s offensive in their culture.
  • The North and South have different cultures and lifestyles, so visiting and enjoying the best of both worlds is advised.
  • Watch out for scammers.
  • Don’t always rely on your phone’s map for directions.
  • The weather is hot, so pack light clothing.

How to Dress for the Italian Summer

italian summer apparel
How do Italians dress in summer?

Before shopping for your Italian summer wardrobe, there are a few tips to note. Italy in Summer can be more tolerable depending on your choice of destination. Southern regions are generally warmer than the North.

  • Some regions in the North, like Dolomite, Alps, and Apennine mountains, are generally colder, especially at night. Prepare for some rain showers and ensure to pack a nice sweater or a light jacket and a foldable raincoat. Remember to pack your boots and regular comfortable walking footwear if you will be hiking.
  • If you’re visiting the Navigli area, pack along a good bug spray for mosquitoes and carry it along always.
  • The South is warmer, and Sicily City is one of the hottest regions. Pack light clothing and beach essentials. Ensure to lodge in accommodations that have AC. Bring along your hats, sunglasses, and SPF. Drink enough water and even pack Electrolyte Supplements.
  • If you’re visiting places like Rome, where you may engage in a lot of walking, it is preferable to pack a maximum of 3 footwear, including a pair of walking shoes. The rough roads and cobblestones may hurt your feet with sandals, and those are for evening strolls.
  • Summer clothes in Italy are usually bright and light. It is usually better to wear natural fibre clothing like cotton, bamboo, and silk. Be sure to pack your favourite leggings and cotton T-shirts too.

Best Places to Visit and Activities for Your Summer Checklist In Italy

roman forum in Italy
Historical Roman Forum

Italy is an enchanting country with many historical sites littered with rich heritage and culture. Summer is usually the best time to visit to experience the beauty of Italy– the mesmerizing coastlines, the historic cities, and the beautiful islands. What’s there not to love about Italy?

Here is a compiled list of the top places to visit in Italy during the Summer:


Average high temperature– 30°C, average low temperature– 20°C, average rainy days– 6 days.

Sardinia is a favorite destination among tourists. It is a wonderful place in the summertime. This island boasts turquoise water and a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. The beaches of Sardinia are the go-to destination for a relaxing beach holiday.

To the North of the Island is La Maddalena, a small archipelago National Park with a rough landscape and beautiful white sand beaches. It is a great place to explore boat tours. The NorthEastern Coast, Costa Smeralda, is famous for its luxurious beaches and pleasant accommodation. On the Northwest lies the famous La Pelosa beach, and finally, on the eastern coast is the Gulf of Orosei, the beautiful and peaceful area with the most aesthetic landscapes. The gulf is excellent for activities like hiking and snorkeling.


Average high temperature– 25°C, average low temperature– 17°C, average rainy days– 7 days.

Trentino is the ideal Alpian destination for people who like outdoor activities like hiking, canyoning, kayaking, cycling, and road trips. This location is famous for having the best ski resort and is a popular winter destination. However, it is a stunning destination during the Summer. It is the best place for a mountain getaway. You can explore the Lakes, towns, and villages at this destination and mix with locals.

Cinque Terre

Average high temperature– 28°C, average low temperature– 19°C, average rainy days– 4 days.

Cinque Terre is the ideal location for a coastal destination. It is littered with romantic villages tucked on cliffs. These towns are connected by roads and hiking cliffs that offer a good view of the Mediterranean Sea.


Average high temperature– 26°C, average low temperature– 18°C, average rainy days– 3 days.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and a summer favorite among visitors. It has a good range of sites to visit, the most popular among them being Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in the world. You can experience the landscape of this volcano and even hike its 3300 meters height. Taormina, a popular resort area and a historic city east coast of Sicily, is also close to Etna and offers an amazing mountain view. This city still contains the ruins of the ancient Greek Amphitheatre.

Other exciting places to visit in Sicily include the ancient Vally of Temples and cities like Ragusa and Noto.

Lake Como

Average high temperature– 25°C, average low temperature– 17°C, average rainy days: 9 days

Lake Como is Italy’s third bigest lake. Many people tour this lake on a trip from Milan or stay a night or two in the local areas around Lake Como. This area is perfect for sightseeing, hiking, or boat trip on the water.


Almafi Coast

Average high temperature– 29°C, average low temperature– 24°C, average rainy days– 3 days

The Almafi Coastline is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. It is scattered with luxurious hilltop towns and villages like Capri. This area is best explored by car. It has an amazing beach and historic sites.

Other Activities to look forward to in an Italian Summer

Here are some other activities to look forward to for your summer vacation in Italy:

  • Enjoy the beaches and original gelato at Neapolitan Riviera.
  • Be part of the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, hosting the biggest jazz musicians.
  • Set up a family day or a romantic picnic in the tiny islands of Sardinia.
  • Visit the natural wonders of Capri Island.
  • See the annual Arena di Verona Opera Festival hosted every Summer in Verona.
  • Enjoy watersports at Lake Garda, the largest Lake in Italy.
  • Visit the beaches of the Tuscan Coast
  • Visit the trulli houses in Puglia
  • Shop Italian shoes in Rome


Summer Italian Dishes

Italy is very famous for its fantastic range of cuisines and recipes. It is perhaps one of the country’s best export. While Italy is famous for dishes like Lasagne and Pizza, they often choose lighter meals for their summertime. Here are some of the most popular summer dishes in Italy:

  • La pasta con pomodori
  • Insalata di Riso
  • La Panzanella
  • Friselle con i Pomodori e le Bruschette
  • Carpaccio di Vitello
  • Prosciutto e Melone, Insalata Caprese and Macedonia di frutta


There are so many places to visit and activities to do during the summertime in Italy. It is usually best to make a detailed trip plan, including the timelines, so you don’t miss out on any fun. Remember to pack a light suitcase and include all your essentials. During your trip, you should also be nice to locals and respect their culture. With all the aforementioned tips, you should be looking forward to your Italian trip.