A happy hour is usually a time period of a few hours where the people spend a fun time sipping down drinks at half the rate at famous bars and restaurants. Over the years the 4 pm to 5 pm time slot signals the transition from a working atmosphere to an after-work, fun time for the working Americans. Not only is this a successful marketing move for big restaurants and bars but a good time for people to freely connect over a couple of drinks.

If you’re looking to spend your best happy hour at Hell’s Kitchen in the city of New York City, there is no better place than your absolute favorite Italian Asian Fusion Restaurant. Sesamo has a policy of beginning their happy hour time from 4 pm to 7 pm in the evenings, Mondays through to Fridays. People can find huge discounts on drinks which directly translates to relaxing back on the comfortable seats and sipping on the booze that keeps flowing in.


Sip on Delicious Drinks From the Wide Collection

Happy Hour at Sesamo Italian Restaurant

There are many yummy drinks that the customers can partake in like the $10 Boba Cocktails, the $8 Red and/or White Sangria, the $8 Red, White or Rose Wine and the $6 Beer. With this wonderful combination of drinks, from wines to cocktails to a good beer to end the stress of the day on a good note, the drinks menu has been curated to suit the palette of most of the American population.

Nothing can light up the face of a person who has been working hard all day and just gets a chilled beer while their favorite sports game is playing on the big screen. Yes, it is as close to paradise as you can possibly get. Who doesn’t want to be part of a group that is drinking and celebrating everyday life and having scintillating conversations with the background of the starlit New York City? Well we do and we hope you do as well.

Mouthwatering Food That Compliments the Drinks

What becomes a huge plus for the customers, in addition to the wide selection of wines and drinks, is the truly exquisite menu that compliments and elevates the taste of these drinks. Mouthwatering dishes retaining the original flavors but with a modern twist are the specialty of Sesamo. If there is one thing that the cooks can promise you, it is to deliver one of the best eating experiences of your life.

Locals and tourists have alike found a lot of favorite dishes featured on the many menus of this Italian restaurant. With an extensive list of food menus of brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert dishes, there is a lot of choice for the customer. They can enjoy any of the dishes from the classic Steaks and Eggs to the modern Bruschetta Ai Funghi, from the Pappardelle Alla Bolognese to the White Pepper Lemon Ricotta Cake. If you are craving for a strong original flavor, you are sure to find it here.

Enjoy Great Outdoor Dining & Wining Experience

What makes drinking even better in New York City, is if you could drink and glance at the beautiful scenic views. On top of that, what adds to the experience is if you sip your wine while looking at the star lit sky and the lights of the city itself. It isn’t imperative for you to necessarily sit down to socialize, you can choose to take your drink outside and have a quiet and peaceful end to your day.

The restaurant caters to the personality type of each customer and prioritizes the needs of individuals as well. Not everyone is an extrovert, some people prefer to sit down at the bar after work and just meditate. It is true, people have allotted that time for personal use which they can chat and relax in or choose to sit back and meditate with an old red wine in hand.

Catch up With Your Friends & Family

During a weekday, after-work hours are the only ones that you can spend with your family and friends in a peaceful setting. Sesamo is the perfect place to catch up with them. The happy hour gets filled with the cackling and gossiping voices of the girlfriends that meet up every day to talk about their boss. And is also a perfect place to take your girlfriend to an early dinner with a couple of drinks on the side.

People bring life into the restaurant with their presence. And Sesamo makes sure to just fuel the fire that reflects on your face on a cold winter evening in the city of New York City.

Come, Visit Us!

Now all that you need to do is to come visit us. Some things are best experienced first hand and not second hand from blogs. You can’t truly breathe the freshness of a crisp white wine on a wintery New York night without visiting us. It isn’t a matter of how and when, it is a matter of today and now.

Easily book a table or walk into the restaurant during the happy hours and have the time of your life. With the holiday season so near and with a long list of Christmas delights, you can walk in and have a great time eating them and clicking pictures with the stunning Christmas decorations we have put up for you. It is important to note that the happy hour begins in the bar section of the restaurant from 4 pm upto 7 pm each evening from Monday to Friday.

Next time you’re in Hell’s Kitchen, we’ll be waiting for you. Bring your friends along and sit for hours with a glass of wine in your hands. See you soon!