Italian food is one of the culinary delights of the world, but nothing compares to pasta and the Italian recipes that have been passed down to generations for 100s of years in Italy. There are over 300 different shapes and types of pasta that allow you to try them in numerous combinations and make your plate irresistible. Pasta can be a main course all on it’s own with just a few added ingredients, and many athletes can attest that it is a viable source of energy. So, let’s get into the best pasta recipes you can try at home!


Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino 

Among the classic recipes, this one requires you to use an abundant quantity of extra virgin olive oil since it’s the star of the meal. But it’s well known for being a quick, easy, and delicious meal. Start by throwing the garlic into the pan with the oil and letting it become golden brown (be careful not to burn it). Then add chili (optional) to your liking and use this composition to mix with the cooked and drained spaghetti. Finally, add plenty of oil, and you may want to add a plating element of a little bit of parsley on the top.  



Another simple and easy to prepare delicacy is pesto, an excellent addition to many dishes and creative plates. For a basic pesto you’ll need to mix fresh basil leaves, garlic, salt, pine nuts and Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil and then use a food processor to blend it together. Although you may find the mix already prepared in stores, nothing compares to a freshly blended pesto that you prepared in your own kitchen. You can add your own spices and flair it up a little, play with recipes, and come up with a pesto that you and others enjoy. This sauce is originally used with spaghetti (trenette) or short pasta (trofie) but you can put it on almost anything. Pizza, salad, pasta, ravioli, meats like chicken, flat bread and much more.


Spaghetti alla puttanesca 

This is one of the richest pasta recipes, as it has many ingredients and is a delicious and fresh meal that’s perfect for the summer. You’ll need tomatoes, capers, oregano and black Gaeta olives. Some recipes also include anchovies and chili pepper, but you can add almost anything around the house since it’s a last-minute meal that requires you only to boil the pasta, add the fresh ingredients and mix everything with a lot of olive oil. Cooking the noodles is the longest part wehn cooking this meal. If you’re looking to fill the family up quickly with some Italian flavor, then this is your go-to recipe.


Spaghetti cacio e pepe 

Next, we have a Roman recipe for which you’ll need only two ingredients ―black pepper and Pecorino cheese. And, of course, pasta. Although it seems like an easy recipe, it’s more than that since your goal is to achieve a creamy texture. You’ll need to mix the grated cheese and pepper with the hot pasta until it melts into the perfect combo. Almost like cooking risotto, you want a thick creamy sauce that created by the starch from the noodles themselves. Adding a richer flavor to the cheese and making it creamier. It’s absolutely necessary to add a bit of the cooking water from the pasta to soften the cheese, so you may need to practice this recipe a few times to get it perfect. 



This is the locals favorite as well as a worldly favorite Italian dish. Pasta with meat-based sauce is among the most delicious recipes. You can make it the Bolognese way or the Neapolitan way, as there are two official versions of it. The Neapolitan recipe uses a juicy red sauce that’s slowly simmered along with onion, parsley and celery, along which you’ll add basil and considerable pieces of meat that will be served after the pasta. On the other hand, the Bolognese dish is made with ground meat, less tomato sauce and onion. Sometimes, you may add white or red wine to bring out the flavor of the pasta. It’s a split decision when it comes to the tastier of the dishes. They are both delicious and unique and really can’t be compared. 


In Conclusion

Italy has delicious dishes that are easy to make due to the simplicity of the ingredients. Although we’ve named some really excellent dishes to start you out with, don’t stop here, expand your tastebud because the number of Italian dishes that are simple and quick to make are numerous and some of the most delicious recipes in the world take only 15 minutes to make. We urge you to expand your culinary experience and adventure a little bit into more Italian cuisine.