New year is just around the corner and people are desperate to ‘ring in’ the year 2022 at the stroke of midnight with loud cheer and resolutions to keep them going the entire year. While it will be a homecoming for many of you, some might be celebrating the festive season alone this time! Well, no matter how you end up toasting the year, the important thing is how you make the eve special.

You surely will have some typical ways but how about trying something new this year? Something simple yet enchanting. Something with a touch of Italy. How about you celebrate this New Year with an Italian twist? Keep on reading to know-how.


Treat Your Family and Friends With These Italian Dishes

One of the delicious ways to have a great time this New Year’s eve is to treat your family, friends and yourself to some mouthwatering Italian dishes. Whether you choose to go for an Italian asian fusion restaurant or try the recipes at home, make sure you do add an Italian twist. Not only you, but everybody will love it. After all, who doesn’t want to eat a pizza or pasta? You could also take your dear ones to a beautiful Italian restaurant and amaze them with a wholesome meal under the stars.

The craze of Italian cuisine dates back to 1920s and 30s when people started recognizing the cuisine and its wide variety of flavorsome dishes. Back then, the cuisine was considered low-class but lovable for its particular dishes like pizza, pasta with red sauce, marinara sauces, canned spaghetti, etc. People acknowledged the food culture not only as fashionable but healthiest. How amazing would it be to have a healthy and delicious start to your new year?

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Italian Dishes You Must Try

  • Cotechino
  • Risotto in Bianco
  • Tortellini
  • Sfincione
  • Champagne risotto
  • Pandoro
  • Broccoli di Rape Stufati 
  • Ribollita
  • Tiramisù
  • Tortelli di zucca

Well, these were some of the popular Italian dishes that you must try this festive season and you’ll find a bunch of other recommendations online if you wish to have more varied options.

Add an Italian Touch to Your New Year’s Celebrations

Italians have some great ways to welcome the New Year. Apart from the lovely light shows, and public fireworks display, they have their food, above all, to offer a special start to the year. Few of the Italian New Year practices are performed with the hope to bring good luck and wealth in the coming year. Both men and women wear red-colored undergarments to symbolize fertility and fortune. One more includes eating 12 grapes in intervals with the thought to evict all the bad energy for the next 12 months.

The most interesting Italian ritual for New Year is to let go of the previous year and make a fresh start with the new year. To symbolize their thought process, people throw out or give away old items, such as furniture, clothes, shoes, books, etc. Going back to the time of the 90s, people used to throw old pans and pots out of the window to show they have let go of the past. This tradition is no longer actively performed in Italy. But imagine being hit by a frying pan! Be aware.

Jokes apart, one should appreciate the brilliant idea of the Italians of giving such a fresh start to their year. If you’ve come to Italy for New Year’s celebrations, don’t leave the place without trying these rituals! Collect a bucket of memories to laugh about them later.

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Why Is Italian Cuisine so Popular and Loved?

The idea of adding an Italian twist to your new year’s celebrations is incomplete without learning about its food culture or about the factors behind the massive following of Italian cuisine. Over the years, the food market for Italian recipes has surged up crazily. Below is the ‘why’ people love Italian cuisine:

  • Variety: Italian cuisine offers a variety of delicious foods, which is why it enjoys such a huge following. From pasta, pizza, mozzarella, to lasagna and what not – Italian cuisine has it all. This is the reason you’ll easily find an Italian restaurant in almost every street of many countries.
  • Quality Ingredients: Using quality ingredients to make the dishes is the main specialty of Italians. Most of the Italian recipes are made with the use of fresh ingredients like tomatoes, other veggies, peppers salads, parmesan, etc.
  • Affordability: One of the major reasons for the wide popularity of Italian cuisine is its affordability. Many popular Italian dishes have a price range that is affordable even for middle-class people. It’s like money should not be a barrier to having good food.
  • Familiarity: The most amazing thing about Italian cuisine is its familiarity with its dishes. Following its rising demand, the cuisine has spread to different regions of the world. One thing people surprisingly say is that they feel a sense of familiar taste when they eat Italian. The connection is always instant and long-lasting. Well, the reason could be the combination of different ingredients. Over the years, many Italian dishes have been subjected to new combinations of non-Italian ingredients. This is what has led to the wide acceptance of Italian food culture.

Happy New Year!

Well, coming to the end, it could be said that adding an Italian fusion to your new year’s celebrations could be super interesting. If you have been wanting to try your hands on something fun and worth remembering for, raise a toast to the coming year with some great Italian rituals. And the best part would be introducing this idea to your loved ones and seeing their reaction to it. Don’t forget to have a great time this festive season.

Happy New Year!