Are you a pasta enthusiast constantly looking for new recipes and sauces to do your magic in the kitchen? You’ve come to the right place!

With such a market diversity, finding the best sauce is both stressful and challenging, especially when looking for something made here in Upstate New York. So, whether you’re a professional cooker or a home-cooking aficionado, consider our selection of pasta sauces that promise to add flavor to the food and bring Italy’s magic right into your plate.



It’s A Utica Thing Marinara

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This sauce has a fresh tomato flavor, but tomatoes are not the only ingredient that makes this sauce so creamy and delicious: it also has a dose of butter and olive oil. Garlic and cheese also combine perfectly to give this “It’s a Utica Thing” flavor and a natural-like taste. With just a little sugar added to counter the acidity it makes for the perfect pasta sauce. You can find it in local stores around New York and the Charlie’s Pizza and Utica Pizza Company’s restaurants.

Little Venice Pasta Sauce

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As its name suggests, this sauce can be compared with the dreamy Venice when saucing pasta. Its consistency is thick, and its main ingredients include tomatoes (obviously), pork (the 3rd ingredient contained), Romano cheese, and sugar, which contributes to its sweetness. “Little Venice” is a special pasta sauce that breathes new life into your place. It also has a grilled cheese smell that is hard to resist, which is pretty rare since cheese generally has the reputation of overwhelming a dish.

Avicolli’s Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce


If you’re looking for a simple but well-made tomato sauce, this is probably your thing. Some recipes require sauces that contain other ingredients like cheese and garlic, while some are perfect with a high-quality tomato-based sauce. Besides, it’s an affordable option (its price is $4.99 for 24.5 ounces) that anyone can afford. You can find it in Liverpool village, so if you live nearby, you can try it out.

Chef’s Plain Pasta Sauce

This $3.69 sauce comes from one of the oldest Italian restaurants In Buffalo. The “natural cheese flavor” in its ingredient list tastes like real cheese, and although it’s a bit unclear what this means, the sauce is delicious and feels like an authentic cheesy tomato sauce. Anyway, opinions are divided: while some call the sauce bland (judge Mary Kiernan, for example), others love its taste resembling the Franco-American spaghetti from childhood.

Joey’s Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

The famous restaurant, Joey’s, enchants our senses with this solid sauce studded with good-sized tomato pieces. Garlic can also be felt, but its flavor is rather mild than powerful. Like Chef’s Plain Pasta Sauce, Joey’s Tomato Basil Sauce is differently perceived by judges: Mary Kienan would have liked to have a more intense flavor, while Charlie Miller calls it a good and worth trying sauce, particularly in the middle of a long week.


So, this is our selection – we hope you find it helpful. And don’t forget that there is no perfect sauce, only a sauce that best suits your needs and taste.